The Huge Hugi Newscorner - Part 2

Written by Adok

Fusecon Records - [supplied by: Fusecon homepage]

Dan Wright has finally gotten the Fusecon pages updated and in his opinion they are finally looking a wee bit better. He is still considering replacing the few ESCAPE/FREEDOM audio files with MP3 files. Those interested in this music are best off downloading the actual MOD/S3M/etc. files from the HORNET Music Contest archive, he says.

This fall, Dan and Darkness/Imphobia, the producer of DREAMS #1 and #2, plan on producing a scene audio CD which will include some widely known scene musicians. This CD compilation, which has been on indefinite hold (since 1996), is finally expected to see daylight sometime early 1999. Dan will keep you informed on any new developments although he doesn't expect to get underway until the October time frame. The selling price is expected to be in the $10-$12 range.

Furthermore, Dan writes that a demo music type CD consisting of the greatest "demo" tunes is on the drawing board along with an OLD SCHOOL CD. The OLD SCHOOL CD would contain sounds from the early days of the PC/AMIGA. Classic music like the songs from Amnesia, Unreal, and Crystal Dreams on the PC side. All remasters of course.

Future Crew [supplied by:]

Future Crew plans to make a new demo.

As the online magazine of Assembly '98 says, two weeks before Assembly Gore, WildFire and Marvel were together in a party and got the idea to put the old gang together again. On Assembly '98, the legendary Future Crew was present again on Assembly '98 after five years of silence. Originally they wanted to do an intro for that party but soon the idea was changed to do a really good demo. As Gore reveals, base and design of this demo are ready now.

Gore says that the demo will be ready during Fall, and maybe it will be seen at The Party 1998 in Denmark (December).

Will this demo revolutionize the scene, or has Future Crew become too old? Will it ever get finished at all? Stay tuned!

GFX project - [supplied by: Network (]

On Network, Escape of Mushroom-BarcoTrip writes that the GFX Project now contains a new series of articles about structured object programming that "provides models to program more effeciently by having a more flexible and versatile structure. Don't miss it.

"You know you can also participate in this computer graphic knowledge database. All the subjects linked to computer graphics are accepted."

Grinders [supplied by: Variat/AD, Grinders .NFO file]

Variat says that Dj.Regal changed his nick to Diecage. According to that, the exact member status of Grinders, the group behind the Polish diskmag Tankard, has to look like the following:

     |       handle  |     real name        |        function             |
     |    -----------|----------------------|-------------------------    |
     |    Cro        |  Lukasz Milewczyk    |   ascii/ansi maker          |
     |    Dee Kay    |  Dariusz Kirszling   |   organizer^swapper         |
     |    Diecage    |  Piotr Sucharski     |   swapper^text-writer       |
     |    Fiszi      |  Marcin Fiszer       |   coder                     |
     |    Forcer     |  Michal Rytel        |   graphician^animator       |
     |    Jim Goer   |  Rafal Bialy         |   coder                     |
     |    Melkor     |  Maciej Kurdziel     |   swapper^textwriter        |
     |    Singer     |  Krzysztof Nowak     |   musician                  |
     |    Sonsee     |  Rafal Skorupski     |   text-writer               |
     |    -----------|----------------------|-------------------------    |

Three new productions were released August '98: At Quast, a 64kb intro called Zar was released, which got to the 4th place. Furthermore, a pack called "tank three plus plus" with photos and similar stuff about Quast was released at IO5, like the "tank three plus" pack that was released after Rush Hours '98 containing stuff about this party. Furthermore, the slideshow Necroflash was presented at IO5.

Haujobb [supplied by: hellfire/haujobb, e2-e4/Obnoxious]

Virgill joined Haujobb as sounder on the Mekka & Symposium 1998. Short after that, Cynic/DNA joined as coder.

The 64k intro "Licht 3", which was coded by Hellfire on a single day, made the 3rd place at Assembly '98.

The Amiga(!) section of Haujobb released a PC(!) demo called "Swing" together with Monar Recordz at the Quast party. However, it made only the second-worst place.

As e2-e4 states, Haujobb has also started to get active on C64 after releases on PC and Amiga. He calls that "Multi-Kulti".

Hoax Arts - [supplied by: melcom / Hoax Arts / Nebula]

Due to problems with the provider, the domain is down. You have to use the URL above.

The current members of Hoax Arts are:

 - ------------------------------------------------------------------ - members
 cardiac ......... ............................. musician
 kazmeyer ........ ....................... musician, gfx-man
 melcom .......... ..... organizer, musician, gfx-man, html
 phantasma ....... ........................ coder, "musician"
 the coolman ..... .................. musician, java programer
 traxx ........... ..................................... musician

 - ---------------------------------------- - other members (from time to time)
 samhain ......... contact hoax arts .................................. gfx-man
 sis ............. ..................................... coder
 vegas ........... ................................... coder

melcom has spent some weeks in Texas, USA. There he worked on tunes for the upcoming game "The Shadowman" by ID and Acclaim. A preview of the title song for "The Shadowman" is available at:

Furthermore, melcom is also going to compose some tunes for the game "GORE" together with Assign of Tokyo Dawn Records.

The lastest information is available at melcom's Homepage:

Hornet - [supplied by: Phoenix/Hornet/DC5, posted to]

Hornet has got a new FTP mirror based in the New York City area. It's located at Phoenix tested it and got at 600-700k/sec, which is not too shabby, as he thinks. In the future, this site might be given an alias of

A list of all mirrors is at

Hugi -, [supplied by: Adok/Hugi himself]

From the perspective of this news corner, the Hugi Crew appears as one of the most active groups at all, but that's probably just the case because it's the Hugi news corner and so we can report everything that is going on in the group. :) Anyway, let's start!

Hugi #11, release on June 28th, 1998, was a great success. Within only two months it finally advanced from the 20th to the 3rd place of all Demoscene Publications on the Hornet Charts (

As I (Adok) had summer holidays from July 10th to September 8th, I used all the time for working on the next issue Hugi #12. In fact it really worked out like in the last issues: Till two weeks before the release, we had collected about 600 KByte of articles (which still is more than what we collected before in the same time-period). And in the last two weeks, more than half of the finally more than 1.5 MByte of articles rushed in!

Two newsletters were released to keep you hungry readers up to date about the latest events. The first newsletter was released in July, the other in August. I plan to release such a little newsletter at least once in every month when no Hugi issue is released. Those people who haven't read these newsletters can find them at

Now let's come to the actual news from the newsletters: First, our homepage at was completely redesigned by Stefan Schultze. Now there is both a German and an English version. You can vote online, all download-mirrors of Hugi #11 are listed, the graphics were reduced, but look better at the same time, and some details were changed. Moreover, the page can be accessed via now. Beforehand, there was Sengir's download-page, which was given up due to problems with the Baynet-server. Just take a look at the new page!

Some weeks later, the page was redesigned a second time, this time by Will Be of Theralite who also made the title picture of this Hugi issue. This new version contains just a new, cool design, though; the content has stayed the same as in Stefan Schultze's page. These new pages will be online at SOON.

Although Stefan hasn't made the new design, he still remains administering and updating the page.

Sengir is also hosting a mirror of the Hugi Homepage now at:

Hugi #11 has been put on the Dreams #2 scene-double-CD ("containing all the very best from the scene from june 1996 until july 1998"), which was released by Imphobia at the Wired '98 party. Go to the news part about Imphobia for more info about this really excellent cd-collection. Furthermore, Hugi #11 will probably find its way to the A.C.E #5 collection, which is scheduled for fall.

We have got several news dist sites: a Polish FTP dist site, located at Amber (, an Hungarian one, located at (thanks to Bivanbi!!), and a directory of our very own at Furthermore, the BadLands BBS is an official BBS dist site of the Hugi Crew.

At, you can currently download all issues since Hugi #9, and soon it should be possible to download all issues that have been released. Thanks go out to Redhound for creating the directory. Keep up the good work with!

The Polish swapper group Scream! has become official votecollectors and spreaders for Hugi. Check out the news about Scream! further on.

Last but not least, Hugi Size Coding Competition #2 is over, and Hugi Size Coding Competition #3 has been held from July 13th to August 10th. This time you had to code the smallest Pong clone possible. Check out the exact rules and the winning entry in this Hugi issue. Furthermore, Hugi Size Coding Competition #4 (expression evaluator) has started on September 4th. Check out for rules, sources, world league table, and all you need.

By the way: Some people don't like it when someone boasts with hits on his web-page, but nevertheless I want to mention that the Hugi Size Coding Competition #3 was mentioned on, which gave us 4000 hits on a single day.

Now let's come to the group itself. On August 5th, XxX decided to give up his activities in the diskmag scene and has left the Hugi Crew. He wants to restart his scene career under the new handle Data SUN.

Therefore currently, the following people remain in the Hugi Crew:

    /-name----------/-function in group-/-email address------------/
      Adok          . orga/edit/text    .
      Mr. SEQ       . gfx/music         .
      Mr. M!ke      . text (german)     .

We are looking for new members, especially writers (English and German languages), graphicians, swappers, and musicians! Basically, everyone can join who likes Hugi and also contributes to it. If you want to join, just send a mail to me (Adok,, snailmail address in the Addy-List or the Legal Stuff section), and we can talk about it!

Of course, you can still remain in your old group(s), even if you do join the Hugi Crew, and in the same way you, of course, don't have to be member of the Hugi Crew to contribute to the diskmag.

Hugi-Restless merge? Rumours say that the scene mag Restless is going to merge with Hugi. I want to say that nothing is fixed yet, but it from the next Hugi issue on, Goblin and some other people from the Restless staff might be members of the Hugi Crew.

Hugi mailinglist! If you want to get informed about all the news and releases from Hugi as one of the first persons, join the Hugi mailinglist! Simply send an empty mail to:

Immortals [supplied by: Kombat/Immortals, Immortals .NFO file]

Immortals made the 3rd place at Wired '98 with their demo Stereo Mike. That's the first demo from this Israeli group that took part in a non-Israeli party. Immortals can be considered the best group in Israel at the moment.


      |├--˙ Kombat      ├--˙ Ohad Eder Pressman ├--˙ Code
      :├--˙ Rage        ├--˙ Eyal Navon         ├--˙ Code
      ˙├--˙ Thor        ├--˙ Daniel Zoran       ├--˙ Graphics
       ├--˙ Dark-Spirit ├--˙ Oded Raz           ├--˙ Music
       ├--˙ Sound-Virus ├--˙ Idan Jungmann      ├--˙ Music
       ├--˙ Falcor_     ├--˙ Juha Kamarainen    ├--˙ 2D Art

Imphobia -, [supplied by: Darkness/Imphobia]

Short before Wired '98, the Wired '97 party report by Imphobia has been released. Featuring: 106 high resolution pictures, great interface aswell as awesome art and music. Get it!

Code: Pit Bull. Graphics: BenJ, PL and Visualize. Music: Vic, Lizardking, Codec and Alexel.

Available at

Furthermore, Imphobia released the Dreams #2 CD on the Wired '98 party which was itself organized by Darkness/Imphobia. This double-CD contains most of the very best recent scene stuff available.

Check out the freshly opened DREAMS 2 WWW site at:

Independent People Community [supplied by: Garfield/IPC/Core/LO 2+7, simon king / the lo0p et al]

IPC is a small art group that was founded about 2 years ago by Garfield.

It was probably the first art group in Poland. They are producing ansi^ascii stuff, also paper art, and a little bit gfx. Frankly speaking, Garfield and his friend Trance started the ansi scene in Poland...

Recently, cro has joined IPC. Fitzroy left IPC and joined RIB. Zero is a HQ of IPC.

Insekt [supplied by: gutek/blur^lo.2+7!]

The second issue of the once paper magazine Insekt (Polish) is going to be released in September as a diskmag and will be available at Crimson or Amber (check the Adverts section for the URLs).

Jello [supplied by: Mercator/Oooze Labs, Ravian/Jello]

Sigmatic/Jello has won the Wired '98 surprise coding compo. This compo was a size coding compo where you had to write the smallest program that counts from 0 to a huge number with digital-style looking numbers. Sigmatic's program has had 104 bytes, the next places were 105, 106, 107 etc. bytes. Rumours say that Sigmatic read the article about Size-Optimizing in Hugi #12 before finishing his entry.

Jinx [supplied by: Jinx .NFO file]

The Australian group Jinx has won the demo compo at the Australian party Coven '98 with the demo Repertoire, actually already released on June 21st. It's the third release of this group, was coded by Deepthroat (Main programmer), Penfold, and Marvin with gfx by Baldrick and Music by Baldrick and Traksion. They wrote all gfx and music routines by themselves, no PTC or anything like that!

Just For Fun - [supplied by: Exocet/JFF, Judge Miguel / JFF]

Cleaner joined the group as a coder / ansi maker and the charts magazine Totem should be out soon (70 votesheets so far). JFF has also got a new homepage.

According to Judge Miguel Just for Fun also prepare a huge demo, and Exocet/jff is going to Sweden to make his studies. Good luck!

K/W Net - [supplied by: Data SUN / Ex-Hugi]

Moritz Grimm wants to invite everyone who is interested to join the K/WNet. This net consists of two parts: One part (KOLABORENet) is scene oriented with a focus on music. The other is WeissNet[TM] just for chatting about things with a sense and about nonsense.

Originally just a German network, the KOLABORENet is going to become international within the next months by foreign links which are unfortunately still to search for.

There are also file areas and there are usually 1-3 MByte of files per week. Nothing gets hatched from other fido compatible file nets but only interesting new releases from the Internet (e.g. Kosmic releases, KOLABORE releases etc.) get uploaded.

In theory everyone can send things he tracked himself and if it does not sound too ugly it will be hatched. However, a certain standard of quality will be kept.

If someone is finally interested to help on building up the K/WNet and interesting discussions, weird chitchat, infos about the international scene and good music, you actually have to join the K/WNet, Moritz says.

To extend the net in Germany, a further host in Northern Germany and 10-15 HUBs in all federal states and of course as many nodes as possible are searched for.

Moritz quits his announcement with the words (translated from German): "It is worth it! It rules extremely and is very elite! (No kidding... :) So far we've had lots of fun with the whole thing but many links and points who love writing are missing... and it is good and can only get better. Well, that's not too bad, huh?"

If you have any questions, contact Moritz under or Alexander Konz@2:246/1451.

Kolor [supplied by: Trojan/Kolor, C-StORm/Obnoxious]

Kolor has released the invitation intro for Evoke '98, "Der gro▀e Wald", at Wired '98, which made the 3rd place at the 64k intro competition. Kolor is also working on some projects for Evoke itself.

Current members: raytrayza, blackaxe, fontex, noize, trojan, lordchaos, shiva, siriuz.

Salice has left Kolor at the end of July.

Last but not least, Trojan has stopped smoking.

Kuznia Prods [supplied by: Variat/AD]

Adek has left Krotkie Zwarcie Sztaff and joined Kuznia Prods azz zwapper.

Level-D -, [supplied by: Virago/LVD, LDV homepage, Quad homepage (]

Once again, Level-D has a lot of problems with their mailinglist, although they've finally found a program which satisfies their needs. Unfortunately, the mailinglists database got destroyed, so you have to re-subscribe in order to get the list working. Check the LVD homepage for how to subscribe to the list.

Latest releases:

- Three new releases have been made in the first week of September. One guest release by Strala, a very nice tribal mp3. It's rather big though (6 mb), and will therefore NOT be sent through the releases list. The other 2 releases (both gfx) will be sent.

- Nogsf's debut tune is out! Get it now, and be sure to read the song info.

- Distance of Orange and other groups has brought out another guest release ("Murmur") for Level-D. Just like "meanwhile" this one is of a dark experimental ambient style. Virago would recommend you to download it, and make your own conclusions.

- 21-07-1998: The official release of bigbear's winning Wired '98 multichannel compo tune.

- 06-07-1998: Virago says: "A new release by Orion today. A real nice dark ambient/new age styled tune with some goa influences. Definately worth listening to if you're feeling stressed out."

Latest member news:

- Virago writes on the LVD homepage: "We finally got a new member. Her name is Johanne " nogsf " Skjerven. We welcome her to the team. Expect some nice tunes coming from her in the future."

The Level-D members are:

                Slackjaw        organizer
                Virago          graphician, organizer
                Orion           musician, organizer
                Workbench       musician
                big bear        musician
                Nexus           musician
                nogsf           musician

On August 22nd, Quad stated that "the best assorted and most handy MP3 server is definitely the Level-D server". Check it at:

Lowcore Records - [supplied by: Lowcore Records homepage]

Lowcore Records currently consists of just one member, namely zokk from Germany, who has been producing music since 1994.

Generally, he is doing house music, especially acid house because he loves the tb-303, but that's not all. Due to the fact that zokk has an e-guitar, he is always interested in producing something different or strange.

On the news Lowcore Records homepage you will find infos and shortcuts of zokk's music and of Amir K., all kinds of music programs, reviews, and also some art of him and a friend of his, snejer.

LYNX [supplied by: MasterB0y/LYNX]

MasterB0y founded LYNX and is looking for 2d/3d coders to join. A demo project for the Israeli party Movement is planned, but he is busy with school and so he needs another coder to help him. In the future LYNX also wants to make demos for Euro parties.


 MasterBoy           - Coder, Music
 Velocity            - Music
 Satanic_Jungle      - 3d gfx, scenes ...

(all from Israel)

Mandula - [supplied by: rod/mandula, posted to]

We have released a demo with some new effects like voxel spheres, free direction voxel tunnel, liquid metal and much more.

Please download it, and give me your opinion.

Btw, it won the SCEneST/Rage'98 demo compo in Hungary.


Melancholy [supplied by: Variat/AD]

Nemus has left.

Members of progress [supplied by: SDSS (]

In July 1998, Amour (composer) joined the Slovenian group Members of Progress, and Vesna left.

M&J productions [supplied by: SDSS (]

Harry (composer/artist) and BomBek (coder) joined in July 1998.

Monar Recordz - [supplied by: GOA man / MONaR recordz]

All members of MONaR recordz are THC and brown sugar smokers and also white powder takers (not all of them take harder drugs than THC, but all smoke THC).

(So they probably won't have a long life. Don't do that yourself!)

Apart from that, Monar is an Amiga/PC group consisting of:

 KLINTON        (Am) - Whq,music,gfx,asc2maker,dealer.  | _ revisq
 PSYLOCYB       (Am) - music,gfx,trader,dealer.         | _ qba
 JIMMY BLUNT    (PC) - music,dealer.                    | _ dave
 PULSATIOO LUFA (Am) - code,trader,gfx,music,asc2maker. | _ def
 KPT.CWAS       (Am) - music,gfx,dealer.                | _ iglo
 D-AMF          (Am) - music,gfx,dealer.                | _ jazon
 SIR.HASZAK     (Am) - gfx,music.                       | _ pick poke
 THC            (PC) - PC: Whq,code,gfx,dealer.         | _ cash
 dj.HALOON      (PC) - music,gfx,dealer                 | _ grass
 MAREK          (PC) - music,gfx,dealer ..              | _ lsd
 MC TABLETA     (PC) - music,gfx,dealer..               | _ visual
 AMPHA-BUS      (PC) - music,code,modem trader,dealer   | _ ghenesis
 DAGON          (Am) - music,operator mc303 probably :P | _ dagon
 ZEFIR          (Am) - gfx,pomocnik operatora mc303     | _ zefir
 NOISY ABDUL    (Am) - music ....                       | _ noisy abdul
 BLAZE          (Am) - swapp NR.1 in Eurochart top ten  |
                          sexy mans list .              | _ blaze
 GOA man        (PC) - music ...                        | _ cedyn
 BIELU          (Am) - pc-code                          | _ bielu

The news:

- MONAR isn't a PSB section!
- DJ. HALLON joined from Hypnotize!
- AMPHA-BUS joined from TheGrid!
- MAREK joined from Hypnotize!
- MC TABLETA joined from NAHKOLOR!
- Faya Conteplation still lives.
- DAGON joined from OldBulls.
- ZEFIR joined from OldBulls.
- WINSTON renamed himself to THC!
- Monar party Nr.54 was organized.
- THC has DETO-X.
- KLINTON stops Brown smoking. ;)
- NOISY ABDUL joined from Qualm, as another minimal-maker.
- CEDYN joined from Shadows^Freezers, as GOA-MASTER!!
- Bielu joined from Fuse ... as pc-coda-masta-killa-mooga.
- MONAR&HAUJOBB demo (Marek#1) had been released on QuaST'98
- MONAR's distro had been created on

Goa Man closes: "So that is all about us... the rest is unknown and plastic..."

Mono211 [supplied by: Will Be / Theralite]

Will Be released a Hip Hop guest track for Mono211 called "From Coast To Coast", 4:49, IT. It's available directly at mono's ftp (, 199K) or at Will Be music production:

Myth [supplied by: Myth]

The German coder Myth released his remake of Giana Sisters, version 1.2, on July 16th, and later on also v1.31. Now it has copper backgrounds, is better playable, got new music, new levels etc. Great thing! Get it from!

BTW: Myth won the 32kb game competition at Mekka & Symposium 1998 with v1.0 of this game, which was still smaller than 32kb then.

Myth is looking for people to spread this game, especially via CD, and level-designers.

Nebula - [supplied by: melcom / Hoax Arts / Nebula]

Our Interstellar Harmony: Volume 1 CD-ROM is NOW available!

The CD contains in-depth articles, view points, autobiographical profiles of the featured artists and the artists on the CD, as well as a software library for anyone to use, audio tracks for your standard CD player, and music files from amateurs and pros! Artists like Mysterium, Timelord, melcom, Soup, Nightbeat, Nemesis, Ming, ZackmanO, Rave-O-Tek, Cheech the Sneech, Cyberzip, Rebel Riffers, and Mental Floss will be on the CD! This CD will begin a new era in tracker music, hoping to be the first of many, many volumes.

Get more infos at:

New World Order [supplied by: Zteel / Diffusion^Massive^NWO]

Like reported in Hugi #11, Zteel / Diffusion^Massive^NWO, who was also involved in the organizing of Summer Encounter '98, wants to continue the old famous diskmag New World Order as an online magazine.

The NWO team is currently developing the interface and there's many new ideas coming up. The graphics is one of the hard things to get done, Zteel says.

He hopes to be able to introduce the new NWO at the same time the new scene resource in Denmark opens. He is currently working on a big project with just about every demogroup in Denmark.

NoLogic - [supplied by: Black Shadow / NoLogic, mc/NoLogic]

MailDevil v1.0 was finally released at the end of June '98. It's a tool for mailswappers to organize their contacts: a data base who is waiting for an answer and for how long, who has not written yet, who is going to drop you probably, whom you dropped etc. Quite a nice tool and definitly the best NoLogic release so far.

The NoLogic web-site was slightly changed. You won't notice that much yet. However, a major re-designed is planned for September with new gfx by Mr. SEQ.

Croco Disk #12 has still not been released because Black Shadow was busy with school. However, he is going to code a new interface together with Bytekeeper (Ex-Judge Dredd).

Yamato-Yuki joined NoLogic as composer and graphician on July 17th. In the same month the first ansi artpack by [mc] was released. Grab it at the NoLogic homepage.

[mc] is also wondering whether to open a new scene/diskmag-related BBS in Mainz/Germany.

A part of the NoLogic members (at least Mr. SEQ, Yamato-Yuki, and EHa) is going to attend Evoke.

Furthermore, the Magic Of Planets project (strategical game) has started. SEQ made the first draft of the intro-music and Bytekeeper programmed the SVGA engine.

The current member list looks like the following:

               Black Shadow  ........... organizing, programming
               Bytekeeper .............. programming
               Echo Off ................ programming
               EHa ..................... music
               Hordak .................. music
               [mc] .................... ansi
               Mr. SEQ ................. music, gfx
               Q-Fladen ................ programming
               Yamato-Yuki ............. music, gfx

Furthermore, Black Shadow struggles to start a new VGA PLANETS gaming session over the net. ;)

Nostalgia [supplied by: Quad homepage (]

Virago of Level-D joined Nostalgia just after the Bizarre 98.

Nothing - [supplied by: Cremax/Nothing]

This huge group has currently about 20 members from all over the planet but only Salami and Cremax are coding now. Sunday is active on GFX, Kareola and Zgon active on 3D, Amrtani active in music. The rest of the team is on its own.

Cremax doesn't have any news, doesn't care and asks "who cares?". He says he has been too worried about keeping a nice team and no good results so now he also DOESN'T care.

When this group started, they had alot of time but didn't have enough persons, to be precise, they had enough coders but not enough gfxers or 3D artists. Then they got those guys and others went inactive and stuff like this. Nothing started some prods but didn't finish them. Cremax trusted some guys and got down, so he doesn't care any more. If he wants something to do he will do it himself and with someone he REALLY trusts, like Salami.

However, Nothing was reborn in August '98, "so count with us this year.. Like from bad nothing to active good nothing :)".

NUMB [supplied by: hades/numb, coc^numb^obn]

After the team behind the SDI^OBN demo Checkpoint (6th place at Mekka & Symposium 1998, Hugi reported about it) has given up the idea to call their newly formed Group 'rabbit 69', they finally found a new name: NUMB.

Now the group is officially open. The member status looks like the following:

 coctail - organizing/swapping/design
 softy   - noise
 mod     - pixelling/design
 hades   - code

The first official infofile will soon be available.. hare out. :)

The first project might be a demo on the Evoke, but it is not sure if it will be finished, but in any case you can count with a compo pixel gfx at Evoke. Maybe a 4k will follow. Phuture will show.

Coctail and m.O.d/.tSCc/NUMB attended Quast '98 where m.O.d (one of the best graphicians in the Atari ST/Falcon scene) won the pixel gfx compo.

Furthermore, hades has decided not to attend Evoke because he is lacking money and still owes Jolly Euros / Obnoxious 100 DM.

nWo wolfpack [supplied by: Dreamdancer/ROLE]

dReAmDaNcEr^role joined in as a gfx-man (no ripper!) and mailtrader.

Obnoxious [supplied by: coc^numb^obn, C-StORm/OBN, FoG/OBX]

C-StORm joined as writer. He was born in Romania, says he's proud to be German and loves Japanese manga. What a nice fellow!

FoG released a Mailswaplist for German swappers. An English version is planned, too. The current German version (v0.8 from August 22nd) is attached to this issue of Hugi.

The German-language disk magazine Cream #5 won't be released at Evoke unlike announced, but will probably come out in October. At least that's what Coctail says. But the Linux versions of Cream #3 and #4 might be released at Evoke.

C-StORm has stopped smoking.

October Labs Rendering Corporation - [supplied by: Michael Maier iD6 / October Labs Rendering Corporation]

The German (lamer, as most people think) group October Labs has got its own domain now. Check out and have a laugh.

MM iD6 claims to be working on an own IRC client: IRC32.


Issue 8/98 of the Pain diskmag has been released. Check out the review in this Hugi issue. Also, the Linux port of the new interface is almost finished.

Finally, you will soon be able to download ALL issues of Pain ever released from

PhyMosys - [supplied by: DAVE/PhyMosys]

The next issue of the Spanish coding diskmag PhyMosys was planned to be released at Euskal Party, but, as it is the case with most diskmag, it wasn't. The currently set release date is September.

Members of PhyMosys group:

Navi, Liyak, Osucaru, U-Rave and DAVE.

Prometheus TrueColor - [supplied by: brn/s!p and Gaffer/Xtatic on coders.ptc.*]

Prometheus True Color (PTC) was ported to Linux (X Window) by brn/S!P (an Austrian coder who studies in the UK) and promoted at

The latest version so far is PTC X11 2.07. I (Adok) quote brn's announcement message from coder.ptc on

PTC X11 2.07 finally released

After a long and exhausting battle including famous actors like: g++, pentium g++, xxgdb, FreeBSD (!) I have release PTC X11 2.0.7 to the public..

The endless list of changes includes:
- The pixel conversion routines are handled by HERMES, the library for that purpose know (the library is integrated into the source)
- FreeBSD 2.2.7 compiles this "out-of-the-box" with one little change, read README.BSD for that.
- Remote display of 24 bit mode works now
- 15 bit modes work
- Can specify a different make utility now
- Can build a dynamic library now
- Support for PTC-JAVA. Just imagine how much faster your JAVA programs are gonna be :)

Grab it,

A new newsgroup was created on coders.ptc.bugs is now up for bug reports.

Gaffer attended Assembly '98 and used this chance to spend his summer holidays in Europe. :)

Proxium [supplied by: mr.dsteuz / proxium]

Proxium brought out X-Ray #0 (Russian coding-related e-mag), and the X-Ray #1 invitation intro.

X-Ray #1 will be released in early October.

Rumours say that X-Ray and Armor of Gods (see UniVerse) are going to merge.

A 64Kb and a 4Kb intro were released at Bytefall'98 party. The Proxium web-page was redesigned.

Current memberstatus:

                   Mr.Dsteuz     Coder, Organizer      20
                   Dr.Longman    Coder, Gfx&Mfx        21
                   Asman         Coder                 18

Pulse [supplied by: various sources]

Pulse, the leading group on the PC demoscene, brought out various new demos. The latest demo is 73 milliseconds, it got only the 4th place at Gravity '98 but is nevertheless worth watching. Get it from:

Haplo and Antony spent their holidays in London.

Some Pulse members are restyling the Quad homepage.

Pyorrhoea - [supplied by: moses/pyo]

Pyorrhoea have started coding a tiiiiiny, siiiimple space game just for fun in mode 13h. That's the first game made by the whole group. More infos at the Pyo homepage.

Moses also works on a DOS interface for the Necromunder Mailer.

Besides, Pyorrhoea wants to release a new scene CD to X-Mas. It will probably cost 10 DM in Germany in 15 DM in the rest of Europe, and contain various demos, mods, and other stuff.

Quad - [supplied by: Goblin/Xtatic/Quad, Sagacity/Quad, Quad homepage, .NFO file]

Goblin, who made a logo for Quad's 64k intro Theta, joined.

Furthermore, Sagacity reports: "Sagacity has given birth to three beautiful purple elephants. We are selling them away at practically give-away prices. Please contact us if you are interested. Remember: First come, first served!"

The last thing is probably a fake news. ;)

A new kinky coding article has been released at the Quad homepage. It's part 2 of the previous article about VESA LFB.

Members of Quad are:

      handle         real name                task            characteristic

      breed          hmhmhm dali              modelling       hungarian (ofzo?)
      cyclops        arno vanbeginne          art             belgian
      darkxceed      bart veenstra            music           fast
      deadline       alex bartholomeus        code            vague
      fat pacifist                            art             swedish (ofzo?)
      g-day          franklin van velthuizen  music           sleepy
      goblin                                  art
      inopia         niels brouwers           code            alternative
      necronomicon   duy nguyen               modelling       talented
      sagacity       roy jacobs               code            strange
      samsam         svein myhrer             art             norwegian
      sarix          john-pierre verhagen     code            lactose-tolerant
      skin           bart pustjens            organizing      huge

RamJam [supplied by: surfing/ramjam]

Loonie joined RamJam! Also, RamJam is organizing The Italian Boozembly together with Damones. Just as they organized Boozembly which was held next to Assembly '98, The Italian Boozembly will be held outside of Th3 Italian Gathering party. An invitation intro has been released of course. Nice oldskool style.

ReCurrent Dream - [supplied by: Prizrak/RCD]

RCD is a Russian group that was founded in 1995 as they were impressed by the European demoscene. Then, they didn't know anything about the Russian scene. They had only three members and worked on a demo like Timless by Tran. After a year one of their members left, and actually only Prizrak remained active. He got into closer contact with the Russian scene, the group grew, and here they are. Members:

 Prizrak                 Founder / PR, Music (FT2), web design
 White Eagle             Code (Asm, Pas, Delphi), web design (CGI, Java), UNIX
 Survivor                Rendering and raytracing (3DSMAX2)
 Deep Thrasher           Rendering and raytracing (3DSMAX2)
 Asmodeous               Code (Assembly)
 Frown                   Multiprofessional: Code, music, gfx, design, fixups

At the moment, they are looking for a good VGA artist.


 30/06/98  Prizrak  changed his fidonet address, now it's 2:5020/667.13 instead
           of 2:5020/271.34.
 07/08/98  Russian Documentation for FT2 is now available at Prizrak's page.
 31/07/98  English version of RCD Group info available now!
 21/07/98  A new member joined: Frown.

Reject [supplied by: Network (]

As Agrajag/Digitech (Atari guy) reported on Network at the end of August, Reject, the worst fake crew on the Atari, left the Atari scene and moved to the PC!!!

Carbon of Reject announced that at the Dead Hackers Society bulletin board page (Dead Hackers Society is the currently most popular Atari ST/Falcon group and has the best web-site with lots of news etc. about the Atari scene) that "Reject have left the Atari. Sorry, but it's the PC for us."

As Agrajag says, there haven't been too much tears shed in the Atari scene - in fact, Caretaker or Voyager responded on the same board: "We are not sorry about you leaving Atari. In fact, it's a relief!"

Agrajag closes: "So, watch out PC sceners!!!"

Replay [supplied by: Goofy/Amable/Shine/Replay]

Since all members of replay like cookies, Replay members gather together every Saturday and bake some cakes, and later on celebrate with disco music and eating those fresh cookies.

What an interesting news, Adok thinks!

Revelation [supplied by: dentoe/sdi, Rommel/Revelation, Judge Miguel / JFF]

One of the French Revelation coders is working on a Linux demo. The release date is not fixed yet because he had no time to port the code yet, dentoe says. Rommel hopes that the thing will be released some time.

Revelation released a Credit Card and Calling Card Maker on August 16th, 1998.

Furthermore, Judge Miguel reports that Thorin/Rvl works for a French magazine named PC-TEAM.

Here are the Revelation members:

    axxel            .iff             .fr                               n/a
    babyloon         .exe, .html      .fr         
    blaze            .mod             .pl      
    case             .ltr, .org       .pl 
    cleaner          .exe, .asc       .fr        
    cliff            .exe             .pl
    coop             .exe             .pl
    cyber            .exe             .tr           
    kala             .mod             .cz     
    ntsc             .iff             .fr       
    rommel           .ltr, .org       .fi
    senser           .iff, .asc       .fr     
    shazz            .mod             .fr                               n/a
    thorin           .iff, .org       .fr  

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