The Huge Hugi Newscorner

Written by Adok


Some people say that during summer, everyone is busy with holidays and almost nothing happens. This news section will tell you that the CONTRARY is the case mostly due to several major summer parties. In fact, this news section is the largest news section we EVER had in Hugi, and, I dare to say, even larger than the news sections of the very most issues of legendary mags like Imphobia or Autark, and as large as the whole last issue of Pain!

Of course this also means that it isn't always possible to be sure that all news are fully true. That's the reason why I always wrote where I grabbed the news, so if you aren't satisfied with something, you can contact the news supplyer.

I just edited the news and brought the text of most news into the form you can read here.

Also, of course, this news section doesn't cover all groups, and it certainly doesn't cover EVERYTHING about the mentioned groups. If you want to add anything about your group or want to supply news - you are welcome. Simply fill in your news in the attached "support.sheet" and send it to me (Adok,

So, let's start!


New Scene CD-ROMs [supplied by: Dan Wright, posted to]

Opportunity CD (

Skaven, Purple Motion, Bjorn Lynne and a few other musicians are on this compilation. The CD is due out this month and priced at $20. The E-mail on the server is bouncing so you will need to write if you want more information. Maybe you will get a response, maybe you won't. I was led to believe this CD would be distributed through KOSMIC here in the US but I haven't been able to confirm this.

Fashion8 CD (web page not up yet):

After a long delay LizardKing is back with a followup to his incredible Physiology CD. You can E-mail Gustaf at if you want more information. Below is his announcement of the CD:

The Fashion8 CD is our brand new release. This one, just as the Physiology CD, varies very much from track to track, with everything from a rather hard, tension style beat to very atmospheric tracks. In all cases, melody and harmony is the goal, and has a very high priority. As our music is very difficuly to categorize anywhere in normal terms, there will, for those who have never heard our work before, examples of music available for download on our new web page, which is going to be up rather soon. We can, however, promise that the music is rather out of the ordinary, being somewhat our own style, so you might just miss something if you don't check it out..

For those interested in ordering right now, there are generally two ways as of now, until we've got more information on how to take orders by bank and cards.

Right now, if you live outside Scandinavia, cash is prefered at the moment (Cheques tend to be too expensive to cash in). If you live in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland) you can use Postgiro. Make sure to include your address in the message when paying in this manner!

The price is 16 US Dollars or 130 Swedish crowns. This includes shipping. Also, money order is also accepted, something else that I forgot to point out.

Postgiro: 921 36 05-0

Or send money to any of the following two addresses:

Gustaf Grefberg
Duvhoksvagen 25
85651 Sundsvall

Joakim Falk
Lustigkullev 14b
59146 Motala

RTS party

The RTS party ("Return to Source") was held in Grenoble, France, from September 5th to September 7th. As Darkness/Imphobia wrote me (Adok), it was a very small party with around 200 people in total but only 30 sceners.

[supplied by: Darkness/Imphobia]

Front news: Lluvia (Sunlikamelo-D) won the first place at the music competition at the RTS party in Grenoble, France. This is the second time SHE won a music competition (after winning the first place at the Volcanic 4). So, who said girls weren't active enough on the scene? :)

Check out her tunes aswell as the tunes from the other Sunlikamelo-D members at

deranged [supplied by: beryl/deranged]

Beryl heard from Zippy of Blackmaiden that in Norway another group using the name deranged exists. As Zippy said, it is a very cool ansi group.

Well, what a conicidence! Zippy, did you know that there is also someone called Zippy (of Utopians and Utopia) in Norway? :)

The Party 1998 - German Bustrip [supplied by: #coders.ger]

Drice announced that he will probably organize a German bustrip to The Party this year again. If you are interested, tell it to him when you meet him on #coders.ger.


69 [supplied by: Simon King / the lo0p et al]

Blackhack of 69 is the same person as Darkelf and Deepeyes.

A.C.E - [supplied by: Gandalf Pulse]

The famous French A.C.E BBS, the biggest PC Demoscene BBS worldwide with more than 250000 calls since its foundation in November 1993, has been closed. However, an internet connection will be opened very soon.

Since many people moved to the Internet, many users have left the BBS. They dropped from 260 calls per day to around 50 calls per day. Since most of the remaining users also have an Internet connection, Gandalf decided to stop the BBS and to move it on the net. His team is still working on the net version of A.C.E, but they hope to come soon with a very nice concept which will please the scene. They are trying to mix the international and crowdy aspect of Internet with the friendship of a BBS.

Furthermore, they have almost completed the A.C.E CD #5 and will start some other nice projects very soon.

Abdur [supplied by: mrputt/abdur]

As mrputt announced on the IRCNet channel #thescene, abdur needs members. If you are interested, contact mrputt or cbus on #thescene.

Aion [supplied by: Variat/AD]

Bigyo and Variat left Aion. Bigyo joned Exodus.

Amable [supplied by: Goofy/Amable/Shine/Replay]

Amable, the group that won the 64k intro compo at Mekka & Symposium 1998, has got a new member: Goofy from the Shine staff joined as graphician on July 30th.

Amber, the Polish scene FTP server - [supplied by: Radi/Interror]

Since the end of July, Amber has become Distsite of several Polish and international groups, namely: Cryogen, Diffusion, Exodus, Monar, Omicolour, Prism!, and Hugi.

In general Amber is slowly developing. There are still logins every moment from Poland and also other countries like Italy, Slovakia or the United Kingdom. Soon the HDD will be upgraded.

Anaconda - [supplied by: Anaconda homepage]

This Spanish group, consisting of Klauz (Code), Nigel (GFX), Nocturnus (GFX), Bpm (Music), Elric, and Hlod-Wig, made a demo called "The Requiem" for Euskal Party 6. However, it didn't get finished in time. Later, on the 14th of August, they released a more complete though NOT the final version. You can get it on the Anaconda homepage.

Furthermore, The coders are preparing a fix for a VESA 2.0 problems. The musician is going to change the final part of the music. The final version will be released as soon as possible.

Android's Dream - [supplied by: Variat/AD]

Android's Dream is a new Polish group, which was created from two groups - Pizza Hunters & Syndykat (those groups are dead of course). It was in the middle of May'98. There were only three persons (Emsi, Pajo, and me - Variat). At the end of May found a coder (hi MX :))). But we were still looking for some cool members, and RTS wrote to me - he sent me two cool modules, and asked me to join AD. Yeah! His mods were great, so I of course agreed. Emsi, Pajo, and RTS were making music. :) MX was making some demo-effects. I was swapping and looking for another people :) And then ­ll joined us (on 01.07.1998). And that's all about our history...

So the members are:

Emsi ( msx, organize )
Pajo ( msx )
RTS ( msx )
MX ( code, 3d gfx )
ILL ( paper-art, 2d gfx )
Variat ( swap, organize, join )

Releases so far:

file name: what is it? made by:
AD_ADVEN RAR nice music Rts
AD_KOROZ RAR nice music Emsi
AD_MEDIE RAR nice ray MX
AD_OBELI RAR nice picture ­ll
AD_THEEN RAR nice ray MX
AD_AD3 RAR nice ray MX
AD_ARMOR RAR nice ray MX
AD_BURIE RAR nice ray MX
AD_FALLE RAR nice ray MX
AD_VARIA RAR nice ray MX

We are looking for a gfx-artist and a coder. If you are interested then write to Variat/AD^Shz:

Radek Stuba
Bzowa 5/21
81-092 Gdynia

Answer is sure of course.

We are also working on a new diskmag (in English). If you have any cool texts, votes, or anything else then write to Variat, too. If you want to be famous write to Variat, too. :))))

Furthermore, graphicians and coders are needed!!! For joining or just helping in making Legend magazine, write to Variat. We are also looking for a swapper with more than 40 ctx's. We don't need swappers from Poland!

If you are looking for ctx write to:

ILL/AD (100% answer, friendship and fresh stuff )
Slawomir Golabiowski . ul. I AWP 17/19 . 22-100 CHELM . PL

Last but not least, Variat is looking for another group to join!

We are working on the first Polish diskmag in English. So if you want you can write some artikles, or became an editor of this cool mag called Legend, or you want to be a vote - collector write to Variat.

Astral [supplied by: Astral .NFO file]

On December 19th, 1997, Astral was born as the sequel to the group Unicorn. The founders were: towerx, robson, magic, n0thingman (his name used to be sherlock, but he changed it), and inferno. Ren joined the team (just 4 fun :) after the Jumper party in 1997. Sprite joined as a tracer in january. Before the Flag'98 party, they met icicle. He was their musician but they had already kicked him out because his inactivity.

Astral's first demo - called "conduction" - was released at Scenest-Rage '98. After at least two months of discussion shaman decided to join Astral. Edo left contract and entered Astral. Strepto (was a coder of an old team) started his scene-life again and entered Astral before Antiq '98, and arpi joined at the party.

The actual members of this Hungarian group are now:

     TowerX             musician
     Strepto            coder
     Sprite             tracer, keyframer
     Shaman             musician, ansii         
     Ren                tracer             
     RoBSoN             coder, musician 
     N0thingMan         musician        
     Magic              coder                  
     Inferno            graphician             
     Edo                graphician
     A'rpi              coder             

Coders and tracers/keyframers are needed! If you're interested, contact Astral!

Releases so far: fields of sadness       mch     towerx   jumper'97    6th nightfall               gfx     inferno  jumper'97    3rd  power-dive              mch     towerx   flag'98      -  unrestrained dreams     mch     robson   flag'98      - feeling                 mch     icicle   flag'98      -  lenin                  wildgfx  ren      flag'98      5th wicked                  gfx     inferno  cache'98     1st vertigo                 4ch     towerx   scenest'98   8th leave the shores...     mch     towerx   scenest'98   - conduction             demo       -      scenest'98   6th  command                 gfx     edo      scenest'98   13th  the mirror of my soul   gfx     inferno  scenest'98   12th crystal tears           4ch     towerx   antiq'98     10th gamma complex           mch     towerx   antiq'98     - i live in 4th dime...   mch     robson   antiq'98     - j„„tynyt              pixelgfx  inferno  antiq'98     9th fajv blobz            1k intro  arpi     antiq'98     4th the mirror... phases    gfx     inferno  -            - phases of wicked        gfx     inferno  -            - complex vesa 1.22c     source   robson   -            - 3rd compuhits mix       mp3     towerx   -            -

Black Maiden - [supplied by: Zippy/BM, Shine/BM]

Black Maiden, the huge German artgroup, released the first issue of their art magazine BEAM in the beginning of July 1998. Check out the review in this Hugi issue.

BEAM #2 will be released at the end of September. It will contain a new interface in SVGA, made by Leonardo, and GFX by Hellfire (like in Hugi).

Furthermore, Zippy has joined, and Poti organizes the Evoke '98 demoparty in Aachen/Germany.

Current memberstatus:

          avenger     - ansi, ascii, vga       osel        - internet
          black weasel- ansi                   pandur      - ansi
          celsius     - ascii                  poti        - internet
          dv8         - ansi                   seltorn     - ascii
          jerusalem   - ascii, ansi            shine       - ansi
          junk        - ansi, vga              shiva       - code
          kyp         - ansi                   tex         - vga
          leonardo    - ansi, vga              toot        - ansi
          lord chaos  - ascii                  voice       - vga


Djamm/Bomb (musician) has got a new homepage on August 11th. Check it out at

Bora [supplied by: simon king / the lo0p et al]

According to Simon King, Slipper/Bora is a lamer. Why he is a lamer, that's a thing Simon King didn't tell us.


Rumours say that issue 3 of the largest Polish diskmag, Budyn (issue 2 had more than 2.1 mbyte of articles), won't come out too soon, if ever.

Byteam [supplied by: blala/byteam/elvont]

Byteam still exists, has 4 members, but blabla is the only active. So don't except too many releases from them.

Bytefall - [supplied by: Prizrak/RCD]

The group site by the Russian group Bytefall, who are also the organizers of the party with the same name in Moscow, opened. Visit it at Adok thinks: Very well-designed and lots of content (also in English)!

Byterapers - [supplied by: Network (, Byterapers homepage]

Recently, gnilk/Noice posted a message to Network about the topic "Rumors spread by Byterapers". In it, he states that on the Byterapers web-site, the following text was written about the fact that the Byterapers-demo Hyperventilation became only second at Remedy '98 and Noice's demo first:

"Almost a happy ending. 2nd place it was, but a moral 1st place since the winners Noice were a huge crowd of looser-types who had all voted for their own demo. So while our demo was definitely more advanced and designed, those guys had simply won by voting their own crap in masse. Not exactly cheating, but... Unfair, at least."

Gnilk/Noice complains about this news: "We didnt vote at all! The colors in hyperventilation was too dark for the bigscreen, the begining of the demo (in the 3d-scenes) was almost completly black. We saw Hyperventilation before the competition and was pretty sure it was going to win, and were very surprised by the compo results."

Further on, Byterapers is said to have written: "So while our demo was definitely more advanced and designed, those guys had simply won by voting their own crap in masse". Gnilk states that both demos had good but different design, and Noice are no "bunch of loosers" as Byterapers write, on the contrary, "Noice has been an active group since 1989 and have won and placed top 5 at several demo-competitions on several platforms (C64, Amiga, PC)."

11 days later, Grendel/Byterapers posted a apology to Noice to Network and further refers to where everything is further explained. There, Grendel writes:

"We had only one (B) member in the partyplace, who naturally had limited vision of the happenings. The amazing surprise of losing, coming 2nd, caused rather great shock since we had naturally went to win and had extreme confidence in the demo. With guys sitting in IRC and following the happenings through #remedy-channel and talking with other people the conclusion was that there must have been a setup, that this couldn't have happened naturally. After noticing there had been a crowd of Noice members in the stand, it was easy to find easy explanation. Which was wrong.

"Well, we got another proof that public voting system in parties plain doesn't work anymore. Can you look at Assembly'98 results and say they were right? We believe in Noice's word 'we didn't vote at all'. Apologies, Noice."

Furthermore, on August 26th, a completely revised version of Byterapers' Sexadelic demo, v2.0, was released. Grendel writes:

"The new demo is described as having 'New design, new parts, new graphics, new code, new effects. Totally new demo compared to the one participating in Assembly'98 competition.'"

Mr.Sex, Gurdan, Mistral, and Legend/CNCD were involved in this production.

You can download the new version from the Byterapers homepage. There go to the "warepage" and then to "pc".

Byteway [supplied by: simon king / the lo0p et al]

Wrotki #7 is coming soon!

Wrotki is one of the five best active Polish disk magazines (Measure, Budyn, Dragon, Tankard, and Wrotki). The last issue had more than 2 MBytes of articles. However, it took more than one year till it was finished.

Cocoon [supplied by: Crest]

The final version of Shad, the winning demo from Wired '98, was released on August 22nd. It's available at Hornet. Good luck with downloading the 9-MByte-big-demo!

Comic Pirates - [supplied by: Network (, Makke/CP]

Makke, musician of Comic Pirates and composer of the background tune in this Hugi issue, has got a new homepage. If you like to view it go to:

There might still be some errors, so if you find them, send a mail to Makke (!

Furthermore, Tatharina (also member of the ansi crew Ooze) left Comic Pirates to start a new punk rock/pop/alternative band. PJ Dynamix comments on Network: "Expect cool MP3's here soon... :)"

The memberlist looks like the following now:

          Handle:    Abomp
          Jobs:      Organizing, Network Administration
          On board:  Captain

          Handle:   Akabu
          Jobs:     Designer
          On board: Treasure Map Creator

          Handle:   Danzig
          Jobs:     C64 Coder
          On board: Canoneer and Cook

          Handle:   Flim Flam
          Jobs:     Organizing, Network Administration, Designer
          On board: Captain

          Handle:   Grobi
          Jobs:     Paper-Artist, Cartoonist
          On board: Sails and Outlook

          Handle:   Harcoonan
          Jobs:     PC Coder
          On board: Treasure keeper and Canonneer

          Handle:   Looza
          Jobs:     Musician, Designer
          On board: Outlook and Cannoneer

          Handle:   Makke
          Jobs:     Musician
          On board: Rum distiller and Canonneer

          Handle:   PJ Dynamix
          Jobs:     Organizing, Network Administration, WebMaster, Coder
          On board: Captain and Navigator

          Handle:   Sid Blit
          Jobs:     PC Coder and Designer
          On board: Cannoneer and Punishment-Executor

          Handle:   Tommy
          Jobs:     Atari Marketing and Spreader
          On board: Weapons Master

          Handle:   Tonic
          Jobs:     C64/Amiga/PC Coder
          On board: Sails and Cannoneer

          Handle:   Vincent
          Jobs:     Designer
          On board: Cannonballs Suplier

          Handle:   Wolk
          Jobs:     Musician
          On board: Torturer and cannoneer

General group info

Comic pirates is a large, old group that is active on several systems. Their best known production nowadays is the Network web magazine at

Contract [supplied by: Hungarian scene page (]

In June 1998, Edo left Contract and joined Astral as graphician. Almost three months later, on August 26th, the whole group has been reorganized! Five of the fourteen members were kicked out.

The following members left contract: dines, dr.astic, kolchky, porus (all of them were inactive), illegal (leaving the scene, commercial activities).

Now the actual members are: archee, aron, cubie, morgan (coders), nasty, rian, zooley (music), myrel (trace), tr (organizer).

Core [supplied by: Garfield/IPC/Core/LO 2+7]

Ralfik joined as musician, Kobold joined as graphician. The demo La Communication at Quast '98, and another demo was planned to be relased at Gravity'98 but obviously wasn't.

The members of this Polish group are now:

         , objects
                   fremen...............code, organizer, arts
                 garfield...............ansi^ascii art, public relations
            , arts

Cross!The Logic

Cross!The Logic (for short CTl, a small German group) is working on a homepage and a musicdisk.

Cryogen [supplied by: Szum/Cryogen]

Cryogen took the 5th place in 64kb intro compo at QuaST!

Cryogenic Music Productions - [supplied by: Cryogenic Homepage]

Faction, a Norwegian Tracker, joined the ranks of Cryogenic, the follower of Triloxy. Also Maim, known from #trax, asked to join Cryogenic, and because he's an "eleet trax0r", he was let in. Kaskade decided to leave the group.

Cryogenic's domain will be up soon (Cryogenic.Box.Sk).

The members are now:

                  Thorax                composer (it) / coord / web
                  Pif                   coordinator
                  Apollygon             lazy webdesigner
                  708                   composer (xm)
                  Vendetta              composer (xm)
                  Ionized               composer (xm)
                  Drax                  composer (xm)
                  Lizard                composer (it)
                  Corpse                composer (it)
                  The Dreamer           composer (xm)
                  CoolVato              composer (it)
                  GabberDan             composer (xm)
                  Tribal                composer (xm)
                  Dj Bs                 composer (it)
                  Thane                 composer (xm)
                  Spektor               composer (it)
                  Faction               composer (xm)
                  Maim                  composer (it)

Cryonics [supplied by: Steffo/Cryonics]

Expect some small musicdisks coming soon with a nice collection of musicians and plenty of small neat tunes, made by Steffo, xls (code), some other musicians, loonie, hopefully radix and others.

Cubic/$een - [supplied by: frenetic/Cubic&$een, Cubic homepage]

As already announced in Hugi #11, the famous Cubic Player gets continued by doj/Cubic and KB/Purge^TOM^Smash Designs. Meanwhile, OpenCP 2.5 is available.

The German computer magazine "PC Magazin" has opened a section called "PC Underground" (like the famous democoding book by The CoExistence) dedicated to the demoscene. In the first issue (June 1998) there was an exellently written report about Mekka & Symposium 1998 and the first issue of a tutorial about democoding under Windows, written by frenetic and Submissive of Cubic/$een. The tutorial still gets continued, and it's very good. Check it out if you haven't read! You can get the supplemental source codes from:

Cyberpictures [supplied by: Sengir/Cyberpictures]

Sengir is working on a portable library for gfx/keyboardstuff/etc.

dance - [supplied by: xcene/dance, dance .NFO-file]

After almost a year of inactivity, dance puts out two releases in less than a month:

- The (unfinished compo version of) "Lene Won't Sleep With Me" 64kb intro, and

- The Official Bush Party 5 Party Report, featuring more than 100 640x480x16bit truecolor pictures from Bush Party 5, Norway, late June '98.

Check in at for the latest news & releases!

Current memberlist:

       h a n d l e  .ù.  do stuff  .  write stuff
       jisemdu           track
       xcene             code
       Lighterboy        -            -
       oo                draw
       silencer          track
       zauron            track
       wiz               draw

All releases of dance so far:

  s t u f f . date stuff . size stuff . kind of stuff
 ---------------------------------------------------------------------  15.04.97     2 039 kb   The Gathering '97 Party Report!  02.08.97     2 634 kb   The BushParty 4 Party Report!  02.08.97       410 kb   JIS-NOUV.XM (music from the bushreport)  04.07.98        51 kb   Lene won't sleep with me (bush5 64kb)  15.07.98     3 000 kb   Bush Party 5 Official Party Report

Moreover, xcene has started the work on issue 2 of his diskmag AnotherMag. It will be totally recoded since he learnt C++ while developing the party report. As xcene wrote in AnotherMag #1, issue 2 will be 1000x better than issue 1. Let's hope that this wasn't just an empty promise.

Dawn3 [supplied by:]

This Portuguese demogroup, consisting of Brainpower, Rents, and other, has made a demo called "Johnny Weasel" for Assembly '98. It was disqualified because of the big use of video sequences, but it is very original and many people on like it. Get it!

De Brasserie [supplied by: Bassie/De Brasserie/iMAGE!]

We're a new group from Zevenaar, a little place in Holland, and we're here for FUN! Not only crap stuff, but also not for the winning-kind demo & such. Just look out for our shit and enjoy it!

Deep, Deep Trouble Entertainment - [supplied by: Street Raider / DDT Ent.]

Our homepage has been opened at But we are still looking for a final room to place it to. If you are able to keep it at your server, please send a message to

The Russian diskmag Hacker #8 was released on August 31st, 1:00 a.m. Moscow time. At the moment you can grab it at:

However, you won't have anything to read unless you know Russian. Still, the GREAT design is definitly worth a look.

Street Raider is coding the Hugi interface from this Hugi issue on. It's technically based on the same code as Hacker.

Demografica [supplied by: Network (]

On Network, the Atari scener Agrajag/Digitech posted the following news on August 23rd:

"The all-time-classic Union Demo, the first and one of the best multipart demos for the Atari ST is to be converted screen-for-screen to the PC!!! The crew behind this onerous task is Demografica. If you want to help with this worthy task, then go to the URL below. But PC fans can get an idea of what the demo will be like by running Ripped Off's cracked version on the Pacifist emulator. The demo can be downloaded at

and the Pacifist emulator can be found at"

deranged - [supplied by: beryl/deranged, wolle/deranged, deranged .NFO file]

Nor, 12-year-old Polish swapper and ansciimaker, joined this formerly entirely German group. In July, also Wolle joined deranged as coder. Now the memberstatus looks like the following:

                 beryl ................. coder, swapper
                 nor ............. ansciimaker, swapper
                 tristan .............. musician, coder
                 wolle .......................... coder

In July, deranged released a party report about Mekka & Symposium '98. This report consists of a 10-kbyte-long English text file, written by beryl, and seven GIF-photos, made by dentoe/sdi. Get it from Hornet or the deranged web-page.

In August, the deranged homepage was completely redesigned and got a new URL.

For the near future, a musicdisk is planned.

The BadLands BBS (see "Underground Empire") has become deranged WHQ.

Dentifrice [supplied by: Remdy]

A post-mortem homepage was made at

Desire - [supplied by: grza/Desire]

On July 10th, 1998, grza joined Desire. Three days later the new Desire homepage, designed by grza, went online.

Currently, Desire consists of: bj (org, code), cardiac (music), grza (graphic, web, music, code), and asp (music). All members come from Germany.

grza has also released a couple of new modules and MP3s, e.g. Monsum, available at his homepage:

Realtime, Ex-Desire member, wants to code a demo and is looking for sceners from Hessen/Germany who want to contribute.

Diabolic Force - [supplied by: T.C.P., Magic van Lam / d4z, d4z .NFO file]

Diabolic Force, in Germany a known group that was created by the merging of Electronic Rag and Nitemare, is about to split up: T.C.P. left in the middle of July. Magic van Lam wants to leave, too.

According to the latest d4z info file, the following members would remain then:

                 The Acid, sound, noize, beat
                 Charly.................sysop, hw/sw support
                 Banana Joe.............gfx, rendering
                 Shadow Bandit..........code, additional design
                 Cati H., creative support
       , freestyle gfx
                 Honk...................gfx, hardware support

However, the actual memberstatus is unknown.

Nevertheless the Diabolic Force homepage is still open. It contains some nice features like Magic van Lam's corner, in which he introduces the demo scene to newbies in short words. Check it out!

Digital Brotherhood - [supplied by: [-QB-] ]

The soundtrack of the upcoming game-project TRASH RIDA was released on June 30th. DBH also released a couple of new tunes, and it has started working on another new game, an adventure-thingy called SystemS. The details are secret, but what [-QB-] told me sounds quite interesting and innovative.

Finally, Q-Fladen plans to make a game of his own.

Current members: [-qb-] (Webdesign, Organizing), [x]argon (Code), Lazyone (Code), Vable (Music), Q-Fladen (Code), melcom (Music, Code), RTOM (3D-Art), aurora (Code), Taggy (2D-GFX), Cromwell (Music for Demos).

Dimension [supplied by: Simon King / the lo0p et al]

Blade changed his nick. He is Aghan now.

Dragon [supplied by: Abryogen/Dragon, Szum/Cryogen, Variat/AD]

Dragon is the currently most popular Polish local diskmag. It's made by the group with the same name.

Dragon #3 was released a couple of months ago, and with 2 MByte of articles it was a real bomb if you consider that it was made in half a year only, unlike Wrotki, which also had more than 2 MBytes of articles but was made in more than a year.

Dragon #4 was originally planned to be released on Gravity '98, but then it wasn't. However, it's going to come out very soon. The staff just has had some problems because Szum left Dragon and took the whole English section with him to Fleur.

The current memberstatus of the Dragon Group is:

        Aborygen  -  Founder, Main Editor
        Candle    -  Code
        Draken    -  Gfx
        Hornet    -  Msx
        Kane      -  Code
        Kenji     -  Swap, Editor
        Noizz     -  Gfx, Msx
        Tuka      -  Code

Eclipse [supplied by: Network (, Paranoid/Eclipse]

On Network, a "great new PC diskmag" called Amnesia by the old Amiga group Eclipse has already been announced to come within a week in early July.

However, at the time when I (Adok) compile this news section, i.e the beginning of September, it still hasn't come out yet due to some nasty bugs in the interface.

Anyway, stay prepared for a nice mag anyway with a Windows interface and lots of good articles, everything made by Paranoid himself!

EliteGroup [supplied by: Submissive/Cubic^$een]

EliteGroup was founded short before the second Scala meeting of 1998 and combines some of the most elite sceners from Germany. Members are: Dominator, gott, kewl, Supa, Powa, Lord Ultra, Dr. Rule, Anihilator, The United States of America, and some more. You don't know anyone? Well, that's no surprise, because all dudes use new handles. However, EliteGroup is really NO FAKE group but REAL!

Elvont [supplied by: blala/byteam/elvont]

Elvont is a new group, based on friendship (what a surprise :) and fun, has 7 real members and sometimes a virtual one too.

We would like to make tpolm-style productions (or at least productions with some style :) - because in my (blala's) opinion only tpolm has style at all, considering the current PC demoscene...

Excite [supplied by: Sweeper/Excite/Vantage, posted on country.switzerland]

Excite wanted to make a demo for Buenzli #7 but didn't finish it. Now they are making the Buenzli #7 report, and it has turned out to come late again.

"You may ask why our demo got canceled/moved? well.. Iquito was working his ass of to get his 3dengine working.. but got stuck on several problems.. other people went on holidays, hadn't time to make something.. tash for example left for the states for a month or so I think.. so nothing from him.. maybe it was something of misorganization.. but we still do this for fun. always the same argument.. but still the one that fits best.. so yes.. the buenzli 7 report will come, but we also have probs with the engine there.. it doesn't run on every gfx-card yet.. so.. please be patient!!!"

Exiles [supplied by: Network (]

As Makke/CP announces on Network, the American group EXILES released a new musicdisk called Strange Customs in early August. You can get it on HORNET.

Extern [supplied by: Spellbreaker]

Spellbreaker has left the Extern because of arguments he doesn't want to talk about. In any case, however, Spellbreaker wants to remain active in the Swiss scene as a freelance graphician and considers joining Excite and Vantage.

Fatum [supplied by: hate/fortress/core/SCREAM!]

Although the Polish chartsmag Fatum #3 was announced to be released at the Quast Party '98, it wasn't. The main editor Hate didn't have any time for the scene during the Summer holidays.

Freespace [supplied by: red13 / freespace]

Red13 is currently working on his new project called "Freespace", a portable scanline-based 3d animation system, including a flexible plugin interface, support for major 3d accelerators (3dfx, 3dfx2, matrox) and special features for game development. The dos & win95/98 version of "Freespace" will feature seperate routines of the base engine optimized for optimum performance on most common intel CPU's. There are plans to release the final system under the GNU public license somewhere in early 1999. if anyone wants to support this project in some way, he might want to contact red13 (

Funny Makers Crew [supplied by: cro/fmc, fmc .NFO file]

Funny Makers Crew is a new art group that was founded in April '98 by cro and jason. Official member status: cro, jason, kipsake, filozof, cactus, insect (all from Poland).

We look for new members from other countries, if you want to join, write to cro/fmc:


Releases so far:

       | fmc.nfo ....... | info file ... | ? ........... | o6-o4-98 |
       | superlative ... | azki colly .. | |47.595 kb .. | 24-o4-98 |
       | surprise! ..... | ansi colly .. | .74.883 kb .. | 24-o4-98 |
       | surprise 2 .... | ansi colly .. | .73.324 kb .. | o9-o5-98 |

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