Feedback to Hugi #11

Written by Adok

We have got a lot of international feedback to Hugi #11, and apart from only a very few reactions it was very positive. You were positively surprised by seeing a good international diskmag rising from nothing in a time with a very little activity on the diskmag scene. That made me happy of course.

I can't publish all reactions, simply due to the fact that at the time when I type this lines, it is a few hours before the planned deadline for this Hugi issue and I still have to write a finish of other things. Therefore let me first quickly summarize the reactions:

The content was well appreciated. You enjoyed reading Hugi #11 and were also awestruck by the good English spelling and grammer compared to the other recent diskmags.

There were only a few points that were critizised about the content. One of them were the interviews. Most of you liked the huge mass of interviews and loved reading the points of views of the individual interviewed sceners, but many readers also complained about the lack of personality in most interviews. Indeed, most interviews in Hugi #11 were made by a standarized set of questions. Unreal/Pulse/CNCD put it in a radical way in his reaction:

"those interviews, you really should've kicked cremax's ass for what he did.. it's totally lame to send people interview FORMS.. that's why I told cremax I wont answer his questions, he treated people like idiots.. too bad some of my friends didn't realize it was just a 'form' and answered questions.. if you get an interview FORM it means the interviewer doesn't really FUCK about your opinions, he just wants your name being mentioned in interview. if you're doing interview with someone famous (vide: LOUIE..) then I guess you should show enough respect and ask him reasonable questions. I am the FIRST to complain because I didn't even answer the shitty form. it's of course ok to ask NUMBER of same questions - who are you, your group, etc.. but for god's sake, don't ask people like midnight about demos - I don't care what he says about those, while I definitely would love to read his opinion about game technologies for example."

We changed that in this Hugi issue. Now the interviews were made in a more personal way with indivual questions for each person and also more questions, so that the interviews are more extensive and even more interesting now.

There were also some, but only very few, complaints about the size of the reviews and the "Talk" section. In fact, some reviews in Hugi #11 were only a few screen-pages long, which is actually natural when you e.g. review a diskmag in a language you don't understand; you can't write more than to give a rough description of the interface and maybe the history or the making process of the mag. This has changed now. I focused reviewing international diskmag, and that very, very extensively. The diskmag reviews in this issue of Hugi are more than five times as long as the average reviews in Hugi #11, and they aren't also bad compared to the size of the reviewed mags: The Pain #8/98 review has the sixth part of the size of the whole Pain issue, another review the third part of the mag's size, and one review is even longer than the reviewed magazine!

What concerns the "Talk" section, we have got much more articles now. They are in the "Forum" section. There are some very good and interesting among them, so I hope you will like this section in this issue.

Concerning the interface, there were even less complaints. The interface of Hugi #11 worked very stably under DOS, it only crashed on some PCs under Windows, made problems with ET6000 graphic cards unless you install a VESA driver, and only one single (!) reader reported that the interface didn't work on his PC at all.

The only objections were firstly, that there was no keyboard support. It has been implemented now. Secondly, the "green button at the bottom left" corner has led to confusion to some people, among them even such famous persons as Darkness/Imphobia or Buckshag. ;) When they clicked on that strange bottom, their PC hanged up. Simple reason: This was the print button, and they didn't have turned on their printer. In this issue, there is no printing support directly from the interface at all but a save-to-text function (you can then print the saved text files), which should have killed this problem.

In spite of the stable interface of Hugi #11, this Hugi issue is using a completely new interface, coded by Street Raider // DDT Ent. The reason for that was that all the world is using Windows nowadays, and therefore it was simply necessary to have also a Win32 version of the interface additionally to the DOS version.

In the beta testing phase, this interface worked stably but as the interface is brand-new there could still be some minor bugs, maybe also concerning the sound system. What concerns the sound system, the Windows version is more reliable than the DOS one because the sound system doesn't have to autodetect the soundcard nor you do have to configure it manually, but it just takes the configuration from the Windows System Control. So in case of problems, try using the Win32 version.

If you spot any errors or have any suggestions, your feedback is welcome of course. Check out the support.sheet (support.txt).

(the reactions by German people were translated to English)



great mag in general. no time to give comments now [...] but i'll write you my opinions later about it (positive in general, don't stress :)). [...]

best regards,

j e f f

ps. was fun reading hugi.. reminds me some old feelings :)



just to say that.. i seen it.. hehe i love it =)

was nice to participate on it..




nice mag btw, it just crashes sometimes [under Windows]



*g* sorry, that had to be..... it should display in short words that i think the neu eMag Engine is keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwl! CONGRATULATIONS! Now the Cream people have a lot to do to be betta... from the graphicial point as well as the content... Big Respect to ya!




melcom/Nebula/Hoax Arts

yo, i like hugi.

the best issue so far.

go on this way.

Boo Khan Ming

I just browse through the e-mag, it is so great... out of my expectation. The sound, graphics, design, content, organization... i really love it now! The only regret was, the e-mag seem don't work on my VBE 1.2 :(

Is there any DOS program from you (and your groups) that with excellent interface design? I like to keep them in my collection.

Thanks, and bye for now.


Boo Khan Ming

[from Malaysia]

poldi / Dope 4 Nation

hugi #11 has got pretty good ..



Wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on the mag! The interface was stunning and the amount of articles was perfect...

Thanks for mentioning me btw :)

Looking forward to Hugi12,

Jeffry Sleddens (Redhound)


yea.. so well done on hugi 11.. it ruled


hi adok,

first of all congratulations to hugi11... that is an extreme difference to issue 10, if you continue this way, you might have a mag in 2, 3 issues that is about as cool as imphobia was.... :)

just a little comment... i'd leave out the blue lines under the links, they are just ugly... maybe the text colours of the next issue should be more pastel-like.




hugi 11 is cool :)

Makke / Comic Pirates

Hi Adok!

Hugi #11 RULED! I downloaded #10 before that, but didn't read much. My German isn't that good :-) But I do understand it. It just takes me hours to read it.

You had really much to read in it! I haven't read everything yet. And the SIZE was GREAT! It looks really nice, yet it's pretty small. The music was good. Almost too my song won't sound as good :-)

I must say that I really like Hugi, even more than PAiN...

Thanks for the greeting in Hugi #11. I'll make sure to greet you in my tunes...

Makke / Comic Pirates


i have seen the hugi11 emag... very nice, really


My comment to the "new" Hugi: Excellent, go on this way! By making Hugi international you could become the best diskmag of the PC scene because Hugi has a good interface and a high number of articles and is released in a relatively regular manner. The new voting system is also better than the old (I made up my mind to fill it out for the first time :-)).

CU, Wolle /deranged

linqs^yuca abstract

hugi is super!!!!

Street Raider // DDT Ent.


I've seen your diskmag. So, nice one, but its interface is too uncomfortable :-( I tired to thumb pages...

By the way, I'm the coder of russian "Hacker" diskmag... Look further for the shell of its next issue (number eight) that supports DOS and Win32 platforms, hyper-links (with running of default Internet browser or Mail program), mouse wheel (for Logitech and Microsoft IntelliMouse) and have easy mouse scroll.

So, I can make shell for your diskmag if your want. Just contact me.

Street Raider // DDT Ent.

[You know in what this offer resulted. ;)]


hugi11 has become really cool. :)


Hey adok :)

>by the way, have you read hugi #11 yet?

Yes!!! Read a few articles so far, but I must say that this mag is even better than Imphobia!!! I was very impressed [...]


i have read something, yes ...not to bad mag ;)


Hmm, issue 11 was great. It contained a good content and nice design. I just hope the standard stays at the same level, would be a shame to see another diskmag go down the drain, especially one of hugi's potential. Anyways, good luck and keep up the good work!


jow, sound system - no pro audio spectrum support - shit sound-system! re-booted computer - installed gus. nice pic - what? i am not allowed to click it away by myself, shit! in any case, concerning clicking - why do you need a mouse HERE, that could be handeled by keyboard much easier, even as the mag runs under dos! mainmenu - wow, pretty kewl gfx (better than in #10). everything is a bit crowded ... the whole screen containing text, blabla - everything after eachother. do that with more submenus - boy! a lot of interviews - too many, i won't read them all. actually i have read nothing yet at all. everything is quote unattractive, no motivation to read anything. the sound (btw) is good. the endpic is shit, no - it doesn't look shitty - but after the classical pics a 3d pic isn't good!

well you know i am a little critic - but this issue is definitely the best one that has been released yet! there is also pretty much with scene and so on, okay - i don't care about the content now - that is not soo important. my exact suggestions (what would be important from the design): - one line in the gfx (either or!) - submenus - better overview, e.g.


                adok.hugi - e605.suspect
              melcom.haox  art - adok.hugi

okay. you will fix that anyway

fenrir^yuca abstract

hugi11 is cool!

Raven/Tektonic [2]

Hey - it whips Imphobia's arse ;D Definitely the best I have seen in the world of diskmags.

Karma Sutra / Ex-Kryst

hugi11 is awesome indeed, apart from the fact that i understand only half of the articles


The music is the best I have ever heard in a diskmag (only Restless #2 is maybe almost as good). Acid Jazz rules (imho ideal for diskmags.)

What I like best about Hugi is that it is neither a local or an international mag. There are both things mixed due to the fact that the articles are in German and in English. I would rename the interviews to 'polls', as the questions were almost the same everywhere. :) I especially liked the coding articles.



i liked hugi11. just a shame with all that german :) and the interviews could have been better.


hugi11 is really nice.. it's since imphobia12 I haven't read something nice about the scene.. =)

but, tell to cremax to interview also peoples beside nothing! =))

nice design too...


fucking great mag you have there!

there's just one bad aspect: the interviews were not personal, i.e. a text file just ran around.

dAS [2]

hmm.. btw, one other thing. .with the interviews.. could you ask cremax to kinda personalize them? as a reader I want to hear about them.. and how they think.. because mostlikely you'll receive the same answers if you ask questions where the answers are somewhat obvious.. oh one more thing.. include less interviews but have these interviews more indepth.. because if you include all those interviews everytime you'll run out of people to interview.. other than that I thought it was great..


I read the Hugi 11 today:D great work! hope you keep it up, there are to few diskmags.

[what loonie would like to have changed in further issues:] charts is a must, and some more tunes..maybe some more interviews/articles. otherwise it was cool. smash's music was good too:D


hugi11 was good, by the way.. :)


next time.. try and get the interviews a little more personal :)


hui ... ah, yes ... i think hugi 11 is a little to crowded .... but hugi really improved a lot !

the interviews in hugi, apart from yours and the one by xxx, which are good, have been made by the same scheme .... which i think is bad .. you cannot ask thor, who makes gfx, something about code ..

Ray-K (Ex-Dominei/Dolphin, formerly the main editor of Daskmig)

latest hugi was cool but i haven't read through it all yet.. [...]


i did read the new hugi, at last.. :) i was a bit surprised, i didn't suppose it'll look so nice. i will follow the new issues recently, it's a good mag.. but worse is that too many articles are written by the same person... you don't have too much contributors.. :( when i write some articles i'll contact you.. most preferrably in the code section.. but everything's possible.. :) anyway, it's quite cool. there are some other quite pretty mags, like Shine etc., but they're not released very often though. for example the interview section was cool.. even though it looked strange that every person was asked the same questions (not in your interviews).

Psychic Symphony / Label / The Utopians

[...] but you should try to get some more articles in... if it wasnt for all those cremax interviews... it woldnt be so good


loved the magazine, will write some articles for sure for next issue! [...] I think issue 12 will be really good, i heard only good things about issue 11 so, I think your onto a winner, just gotta keep it up ! :)

Finally PC scene has a proper mag, seems restless 2 was a big mistake (for me anyway).

[...] hehe me and MajicMushroom, head honchos, like your mag :))

Redhound [2]

hugi#11 ruled. if just one mag could be on the [dreams #2] cd, it should be hugi11.


hugi 11 rules! and tnx for the greet, btw.

in fact, it's one of the most properly-spelled mags i've seen for a long time. in fact, you inspired me to start coding amag #2 =)

btw. for hugi 12... PLEASE add keyboard support... i HATE using mouse =)


hugi rocks! :) nice to see a big mag again. been quite a while.


jau, well, i think the menu is really kewl this time! certainly the best your ever had and i think there is hardly anything that could be improved (okay, if i am allowed to critizise a little ;): the text and links colours are in a too big contrast to the colours of the actual menu ... but i think that this is just a tiny thing ;) mh? what else ... ah yes, the title pic by antony/pulse is pretty cool! personally i don't think the closing pic is too beautiful but that simply comes from the thing itself: from the technical point of view, raytracing is fascinating, but the result is often not optimal ...


quite good, although not all articles were interesting.


really nice.. especially that interview section... it's HUGE [...] yeah.. i thought that was a little boring with same questions, but anyway.. and the newssection was also good..

Musasi [from Japan]

BTW I downloaded hugi#11. It's nice :)

But I can't use well neither German nor English... So I didn't finish reading it. It has good and long articles for me.


your HUGI mag gfx rulez...really nice one...!


[...] franky speaking, I didn't like the last English version too much. For example, I am also of the opinion that that was not right interviews but a questionaire that got boring with the time.


hugi rulez 8-)


hugi SUCKS [because Hugi #11 doesn't work under Windows NT on his PC]


I think that it is really a nice mag. GFX is really cool, music too, but only one module? You should put at least 2-4 modules in Hugi#12 ! There are some good articles. Poetry corner is very nice :) [...]


hugi is like taking over the world :)


Yeah, some of it was good, I didn't read most of the interviews though, only a couple, the people I know well, and my own, to see what the hell I said :)


yep, i read it :) i like the cover picture; hhehe, no well,i'm kidding [...]


The new mag has really got cool. I especially like that this time almost everything is in English (that's the way it has to be ;) ). Go on this way. [...]

bye, Lars


hugi11 roxx!!! :)

Quartz / Officium / Chalice

Just dloaded hugi11 and found it really nice! (I am one of the few who think diskmags are still needed, for many reasons.)


only one thing... i HATE mice. olvassatok hugi-t rulz diszkmag.

Black Shadow / NoLogic

I have just got an idea: In the past I often searched through the text data file for some word (e.g. "nologic") too see where something that concerns me is. What about implementing that in HUGI? So that all articles get listed that contain this word? That would certainly be interesting!


I finally read through hugi11.. the interface is pretty good! Lots of content.


I have a few comments on the interface:

Mouse-Only control sucks bigtime! (that's my opinion anyway...) I'd really like to be able to use my keyboard to navigate around in the mag...

And.. My computer hangs when I click on the "print" logo.. (I don't have a printer..)

Another interface opinion: I think it would be cool if the articles where displayed like in a a text editor/viewer where one could scroll up and down, the "fade-out-fade-in" stuff is quite annoying after a while..

And: When my mouse cursor is over a link I'd like to se a hand :) (Yes, let's immitate Netscape and other browsers!) But seriously I think that some marker/cursor change would make it easier...

But that's just me...

About the articles: Hm.. haven't read all the articles as I was so annoyed by the interface...

I've read the coding articles, and I think they where quite straight-forward...

Didn't actually cover anything I didn't know, but I guess they where quite easy to catch for someone not already familiar with the topics...

But I'll check out the mag in more detail later..

Hoagie / The Lost Boyz

your hugi is kewl


i have seen the coder corner only (and the greeting: you missprinted my groupname, but never mind, thanks...)

the coder articles weren't too interesting me... but congratulations for your dmag and good luck for it!

Regards, TomCat/Abaddon


zine called hugi is very lame magazine....shit...


Hi Adok,

I have just read Hugi #11 and want to congratulate for this issue again. Like you can see in my votesheet, Hugi has advance from an once not-so-loved diskmag to my favourite. I especially liked the English scene articles, I think English should become the standard language in the scene [...]. But most of all the design of this issue fascinated me. The graphics by Antony^Pulse and Hellfire^Haujobb are "very kewl". But there is also nothing to complain about the control, apart from the fact that within an article you should also be able to scroll with the cursor keys (right and left). That is possible to implement, isn't it?



I saw your DiskMag HUGI :) I think it's very cool ...


yes, you have got support by veery good people.. the gfx are absolutely kewl.. e.g. pulse and cubic simply belong to the world's elite.


i just saw hugi11. it r0x. i liked hugi alot. if i could i would marry it.


sigmatic/jello thanks you for your article on small size coding.. after reading that article.. he entered the suprise coding compo and won :) suprise coding compo at wired'98 that is :)


hmm... with vbetweak hugi works quite well .. even in a dosbox :) hmm.. maybe you should distribute this thingie for et6000 users..

fulg0re/CFX Team

btw. i LOVE your mag :)


Hey Adok!

Yeah, I got the mag already from Network, and it's excellent. Really helps the scene, and the diskmag scene too.


Once again, good work with HUGi, I was impressed!


. . ..oOo.> PARANOID / ECLiPSE '98! <.oOo.. . .


btw, hugi rules.


articles good, the mouse-only interface is not so good. my favourite part in hugi#11 is the greating list: Picard/Hydrogen :) and it works under winnt, this is rare for diskmags!


Hugo... Hugi rulez. [...] The interview rulez also, always fun to read them.


Hallo Hugi Staff,

last night I read the Hugi 11 and i think it's a very good new Hugi Mag compared with the older ones. Good engine, many articles. Keep up the good work and try to improve. [...]

Prof.X '98


[...] wow .. hugi's huge :)


hi adok,

here is my votesheet for hugi12. congratulations to issue 11! it is really perfect. i really enjoyed it after having read issue 10 100 times and already knowing it by heart. :) what is a pity about issue 11 is that not enough people (right??? :?) have voted. why do some people not take 5 minutes of time and fill in the columns??? by the way, concerning voting: what about listing the voters' names?? it would be nice to see who is at least a little active, or am i wrong?

i steadily like the interface more and more. it can be easily handeled. in this way you can relax and read everything until it comes out from your ears again. the only annoying thing is that you always have to move the mouse to the bottom screen edge to scroll one page down. could you implement a function that scrolls down by a page when you press both mouse buttons at the same time (or the third mouse button)? just a little suggestion.

well, that was all. i am looking forward to issue 12 as i've already ready through everything (really everything apart from the poems!). it took me only 3 1/2 hours :)



DJ Regal / Grinders / Supporters Club

btw. hugi is a very good mag! keep up the good work!


[...] texts could be edited even better. with uppercase letters at the begin and dots at the end :). and some english gramma... but these are small details and you can ignore it completely (or maybe not?)


i want HUGi, i want HUGI! :)))


it's a cool mag!

Stefan Schultze

Yes, issue 11 is really a masterpiece. The idea to install a win32-interface that uses DirectX is very good. In this way the best compatibility to new hardware is kept and the new features of the cards are really used.

beryl/deranged [2]

hugi has really deserved its 3rd place on the hornet charts. tell me which (existing) mag is better!

hellfire/haujobb [2]

[About Hugi's 3rd place at the Hornet Charts:] hugi has deserved it because it is good.... or, let's rather say, there is hardly anything that is better..... ;)

Cremax/Nothing [2]

CONGRATULATIONS! :) soon u will get the first place =) i hope so.. this is a really good mag. not coz i participated but coz it was nice :)


First of all, congratulations to HUGI, it has really improved a lot since issue 3.

Unfortunately, issue 10 does only seldomly run (sometimes it runs with SDD 6.0, I think the reason for the problem is WIN98 :-( ), whereas I have no problems with issue 11.


Variat/AD [2]

I sent Hugi to all my ctxs. Most of them think that it is really a great mag.


The design of Hugi gets more and more professional. I like it, most of all the background picture.

Of course I immediately read Hugi. Since all links are in English I first thought I had downloaded the English Hugi and downloaded it again. When it was in English again, I checked it more carefully and noticed it is partly English, partly German. Now I ask you: Why don't you release a completely German and a completely English version?


hugi 11 is very cool.


[...] I am very happy that there is finally a true scene mag that is also released in a regular manner, has cool texts, cool music, and even runs without any bugs (at least till now)... in contrast to Cream. And because of that reason I want to praise the whole Hugi-Team! [...]


Your issue#11 is GREAT.


I think Hugi #11 is good. Interesting articles, good design, nice coding hintd (sizecoding).


I like Hugi#11 too.

What is your opinion about Hugi? Send it to us! We need feedback to know what our readers want and thus be able to improve Hugi!

- adok^hugi