Foundations of the 'Nerds'

Written by Magic


Michael Jackson is one of them, just like the British ex-politicus John Major. They both belong to the society of 'nerds'. The brotherhood of inattractive, not understood and socially unadapted but ooh so intelligent people. Not seldomly they can use a computer better than anyone else, their dedication (almost) reaches to an obsession, where they neglect their direct surroundings alot to all of the time.

Nerds aren't popular, far from this even. Because of their social appearance and their zero capabilities to communicate they are the outlaws of society. Socially that is, since the well paid jobs are well at their reach. Yet the 'Nerd' needs more respect, simply because they are happy and unique human beings, who stand for something in our world.

Some small introducing words to this article, which should sound familiar to alot of Sceners in the Amiga or the PC Scene. VIS (Very Important Scener) or no VIS. Yet the word 'Nerd' has anno domini 1998 evolved to a larger area. Towards people who are different and looked at as 'strange' by other people, but for sure have their qualities.

Nerd's vs Hatred

The most popular Nerd on Earth is also the guy who has the most money on our entire planet. Obviously I am pointing at Bill Gates; THE man behind Microsoft. He is the typical Nerd. He has glasses, a lousy face, a thin body, does something with computers and does predictions about the future of mankind. The man is hated and is the prototype of a Nerd.

It seems mankind has trouble to admit that the Nerd is responsible for all the blessings of the computer era. Not the powerfull and rich policy makers are behind the success of the computer era, but the young wizzkids with most of the time a below average appearance. You know what I am talking about: the kids who couldn't come along with gymnastics at school but who got the highest grades in class.

Fashion? NO Fashion!

Everyone knows what Nerds look like. The stereotype defines them as thin males with lousy faces and glasses. Jeans with high-heels, the wrong shirts and ties. They don't care much about the out-side world, they just wear what they find in there closet or what their mother buys for them. Because Nerds simply don't care about fashion. Nerds don't appeal to the image of the mass and THAT is what makes them Nerds. 'Worldstrange' it's called. Not looking at their clothes, doesn't the Nerd have filty hair or filty teeth, a smell of sweat and a bad breath?

And they all lived happely ever after..

Ah well, most Nerds will have a nice existence afterall. After a certain age that is. After University or Highschool they will spend about 8-10 years behind a computer screen at some firm like Funcom, IBM, Eidos, Nintendo, Microsoft or Sega before they discover that they are still single. But who are we to judge? Although the Nerd looks for sex later than other people of his generation he will once reach the age of maturity. (The real Die Hard exceptions ignored.) Some nice clothes and of course contactlenses instead of glasses. Or they will become the richest person on the planet.

Long live Bill Gates!
(Yeay right!!?!?)

- Magic/Nah-kolor (Amiga)