The OZ Love Affair With Idling on #coders

Written by gyr

* right, it's 3:10am. i'm on #coders, doing nothing, generally fulfilling my racial requirements. of course at this point you're wondering what exactly in hell i'm talking about. not a bad question really, but, for once in my life, i am half certain it's about...


you've all seen us. i mean, we're half the ops that sit in #coders. yet, as a demo-scene, australia really sucks. why then, do we hang out there all the time?

damn good question that....ahhh..fuck..i hate it when i decide to write an article, put down some preamble and an introduction, then totally lose it. argh... time for a few inspirational opinions.

the poser question...

 <gyr_gone>  okey  dokey, what do people  think  about australians always being
 here? (be warned, anything stupid you say *WILL* be taken as gospil and put in
 this article i'm writing :)

 <clef>  gyr_gone: you only think they're always here because when you are here
 it  is  most likely that another australian  will  be here because of the time
 differences :)

 <Harmless>  gyr:  i think you guys need  to start keeping more civilized hours
 and stop keeping me up all night =)

 <spoony-78>  i think we're so prominent, because  we're some of the few people
 in the scene that can actually speak non broken english :)

 <Harmless>  gyr:  i have just been spending  the last 2 years trying to figure
 out  why most everyone on #Coders is finnish  or australian. I have yet to see
 the connection between them =)

 *** [DEATH] ( has joined #coders
 *** Geten sets mode: +b *!*MEN@*
 *** [DEATH] was kicked by Geten (banned: X-Men)
 <spoony-78>  and because all aussie guys have  bodies like AFL players. so all
 the gay french scenes lure us onto #coders

 <adokAWAY>  gyr: the oz scene seems larger than it is coz half of the scene is
 on #coders :)

 <gyr_gone> ok, anyone else like to comment on the total domination of #trax by
 australians? :)

 <mm> Gyr: I'm the only Australian in #trax :)
 <mm> gyr: You were referring to #trax SceneNet right?
 <gyr_gone> mm, no, i'm refering to #coders :)
 <mm> Gyr:<gyr_gone> ok, anyone else like to comment on the total domination of
 #trax by australians? :)
 <gyr_gone> mm, damnit, i meant #coders..
 <mm-away> Gyr: I know that now :)

 <spoony-78>  plus aussies figure the more they  talk about the scene, the more
 it feels like theyre doing something and are involved
 <HeadSoft>  spoony-78 They just talk a lot  cause then they can slip in "arse"
 every 200 words, and they like to see it printed as often as possible :D

right. what did that just proove? not much besides the fact that once i get onto #coders and start collecting quotes, weird things happen and a "few inspirational opinions" turns into a smart-arse-o-thon. now i'm even more confused than i was in the first place.

maybe this is exactly the sort of point i should be getting across in this article. the point that instead of being in #coders for the express reason of helping people, that they're there to pissfart around, kick french people, and generally be a bunch of stupid funny bastards who make fun of people who take themselves too seriously.

so what does the average australian on #coders contribute then?

well, besides giving people shit, we idle. for those not familiar with irc (and which rock have you been living under, and how does your computer fit in there with you?), idling is just doing nothing. this is a very compatable activity for the average australian, as we seem to enjoy doing nothing. but on the odd occaision when we get the urge to do something, along comes this wonderful thing called reality, and off we go. we don't get snowed-in like the finns, or any of those other euro demo-scene hot-spots. we have all this sunshine, and warmth, and grass and trees. in short, reality has killed the demo scene here.

this might be an appropriate time to bring up the other skill of the average oz #coders inhabbitant. we seem to have this natural affinity toward bullshit. ie can prattle on about nothing while sounding credible enough to prevent being casually discreditted. for examples of this, i refer you to yes, i'm a bastard. but hell, it's not my fault that most of the world are gullible dumbarses who seem to think that reality is projected into all media.

this reminds me of a wise saying: so many arseholes, so few bullets.

this article has sort of turned not into an article on idling in #coders, but more into some sort of manifesto for being an arsehole in #coders. or, i suppose i could create a new writing style, say... ermm... neo-modernistic freestyle, and say i'm trying to portray the scatterbrain (don't call me dude ;) effect of irc as a communication medium. that it, by it's very fluid nature, promotes a sort of unstableness towards ideals and virtues. thus rendering myself incapable of remaining concise and convergent towards a coherant topic. maybe that instead of an article, this is really a statement of my mind as to what i feel my ideals towards society is.

i think i'll go to sleep now.

- gyr/food