Writers In The Scene

Written by Adok

We. The international PC demo scene.

We have coders, graphicians, musicians. We have organizers, designers, web designers. We still have swappers and sysops. We also have specialists: such as ansi artists, ascii artists, and raytracers.

And where are the article writers?

Some local scenes have them: people who only write articles or focus on writing. For example the German local scene and the Polish local scene. The article writers and diskmag editors even have their own charts in Poland.

On the international area, you will hardly find anyone who says that he is an article writer. Most writers in international diskmags are people who code, do gfx, compose etc., and write only from time to time. On the international area, you won't get into the charts if you only write articles. There are only charts for so-called artists.

However, writing articles is also art. Everyone can write articles, but to write a good article, you need to be talented at writing. If you write in a non-native language of yours, which is the case for most sceners who write in English, you also need to have a pretty good knowledge of that language.

Every writer has his own special writing style. Some people can write very clearly. That's very important if you want to convey difficult knowledge, e.g. if you are also a coder and want to explain some programming technique. Some other people have a beautiful vocabulary, are talented at writing stories or writing poetry.

It's always good if you have special knowledge apart from writing skills. Of course only coders can write about coding techniques, only musicians about composing techniques etc. If you write e.g. a music disk review, it's also better if you are a musician yourself. Then you can rate the work better. But if you are or want to be just an article writer without any other special profession, you also have a lot of topics to write about: the scene in general, your experiences, interviews, parties, reviews - and of course non-scene topics: poetry, stories, computers, politics, real life, philosophy, science, and many other things. A lot of people get bored if they read too many scene articles in a row. Why not giving them a fascinating story or your thoughts about the latest happenings in world politics?

Some people are called lamers because they code no fascinating new demo effects or don't draw graphics that meet the current quality standards etc. Some of those people became swappers and in this way were accepted in the scene nevertheless. Some others remained being 'lamers' or resignated. But, maybe they have writing skills! Are you one of those people? If yes - Let's have a try!

Have you ever heard of people like Remdy, MOP, DennisC, or Darkness? They have spent a lot of their time on writing articles, and they are also known in the scene for their good articles. So you see: Although we have no international article writers charts, it is still possible to get famous in the scene by writing. There are only a few people in the scene who are worldwide famous for writing articles. So there is still enough place for you!

Hugi is always looking for new article writers. Don't be shy, contact us and have a try. You will be warmly welcomed!

- adok^hugi