The Scene Lacks Talents!

Written by Magic

This article deals with the Amiga scene, but it also applies to the PC scene. So, go on reading.

The Amiga scene is something special. It's a sociaty on it's own. With its own culture, its own values. The scene population is changing. About six, seven years ago the Amiga Scene had alot of famous and active groups, but more importantly alot of unknown sceners with potential. Sceners which could grow to the famous sceners of tomorrow. I am sorry to report that talented scener's are hard to find these days. The last few big talents I remember from some years ago are among graphicians Lazur, Louie and Made. Among coders Azure and among musicians Revisq and Muffler. The last one I even had the pleasure to guide a year or so by using my connections to release some of his modules.

Talents are young sceners in their teenage years, ambitious and eager to spend much time on producing graphics, modules or lines of code. The Amiga Scene of today isn't anymore about newcomers which evolve to a quality and famous scener, but the future of the scene lies hidden in the past. Sceners who are already here, waiting on there breaktrough. (Of course exceptions ignored.) Todays scene is mostly relying on the sceners who are around for years. Which are already in an age categorie of 21-25. Who have developed their skill already and are still supporting the Amiga Scene.

New potential groups are even harder to find these days. The average group releases 1 or 2 demos a year. Only in 1997 there were a few groups which released a demo with above average code, graphics and music. A group with a good organisation to make sure it lives longer than the average group. Look at some charts. The most popular demo groups... Most of them have been around for years. Hardly any newcomers to be found.

A positive development in the Amiga Scene is the usage of the Internet. Alot of sceners are still studying and have free access at their school, and some of the older sceners have access to it from their work. The internet unites sceners with eachother. An easy communication tool for fresh motivation to do something again and give it to the people who can do something with it, to shape it into a production. An example is the forthcoming musicdisk from the old skool musician Laxical/Scoopex (23). Together with the coder Infant/Lemon (19) and the graphician Lowlife/TBL (26) he is making a musicdisk. Only Internet made this possible..

In a few years the Amiga Scene will be something nostalgic. Like the Commodore 64 scene of the last few years. Tragic, but without new innovative amiga computers the end is reached. 030 as a processor is already a standard these days, we can't go much further, only a minority of the scene has a 040 or higher. Our only hope is to delay the scene as it is today as long as possible, we need you ooooh Old Skool sceners... :)

- Magic/Nah-kolor (Amiga)