Re: Tendencies Related To The Operating Systems

Written by Tronical

<Mingo> Since the release of Windows'95, programmers worldwide are getting used to this new reality, due to its increasing acceptance. Some argued if those real demos days would be over, but until now it didn't happen.

Guess what, most pc-demo/intro productions are still ms-dos-productions, aren't they? (Seen any Win'95 compo with a noteable amount of entries, compared to the ms-dos compos, yet?) Btw, imagine a 4ktro for Win32, har har.

<Mingo> Now in 1998, we can say that the best thing to do is making Windows'95 friendly demos.

IMHO (!), the future is more like writing semi-portable (Intel x86 only) code using portable (and fast!) music/gfx-libs like Midas/PTC... hey, hi delta9. So you can still optimize your code (using Assember, algorithm-optimising) and compile it under Linux (yeah, Linux rocks!), ms-dos (still neat), win32 (...). So more people could see your production (hey, adok, here's a slice of your wanted masses...).

<Mingo> Even DOS-executable programs could get more attractive under a PIF shortcut and a respective icon.

This is <insert your favourite four-letter-words here>! What a stupid statement. Why does a program become more attractive by being able to click on a icon to start it? The program itself is important, not a damn pixmap.

<Mingo> Think about the advantages of all this thing: CDs and Hard-Disks can be easily organized in a way to let us watch a nice demo just by doubleclicking on its icon.

...see above...

<Mingo> In fact, a DOS executable following this concept is currently the most compatible kind of program available, because it will certainly run under any other OS such as OS/2 and MS-DOS, as well it could be emulated in other platforms.

"Following this concept"??? What concept?

Anyway, IMHO v86-emu is no advantage, just a often not working feature (thinking about demos/intros).

- Tronical^Colorfast