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This article features article-headlines of some of the best articles written by Magic of Nah-kolor. (Get the diskmags to read them :-)

Please mind that I could not remember all articles I have ever written so this list is by far not complete. However most diskmags mentioned in this text contain far more articles by me than the article-headlines presented here. (To state an example, in all THING issues together are more than 50 articles by me.) Download the specific magazine(s) from some FTP site to read them all. Especially the magazines I was main or co-editor from.

Furthermore, you need an Amiga to run these diskmags.

Function Chronology

Through the years I have been MAIN- and CO-EDITOR from several diskmagazines. However, the only diskmag I main-edited from the start to finish was THING by APPLAUSE. This during the end of 1993, and whole 1994. Later on also a final issue was released in mid 1995. I was main-editor of:

 Thing......... All issues
 Chit Chat..... issue 14 and 15
 Showtime...... issue 4

These magazines feature ALOT of articles by me. I was co-editor of:

 RAW........... issue 9 and issue 10 (issue 10 was online)
 Upstream...... issue 11 (never got finished)

In BUZZ issue 8 I had an own CORNER called MAGICIAL MOMENTS.

Magic's Article-headlines Overview

 Name of the article:                        Diskmag it was published in:

 Insight on the Polish Domination            Generation issue 26  1998
 IRC vs Amigascne                            Generation issue 26
 News: "How Does It Feel?"                   Generation issue 26
 Sane and me; Magic speaks out!              Generation issue 26
 The #amigascne Addicts Of The Scene         Generation issue 26
 Dedicated to Danny Geurtsen                 Generation issue 26
 Foundations of the 'Nerds'                  Generation issue 26
 Column: Magic of Nah-kolor                  Eurocharts issue 33
 E-mailing in the Amigascene                 Eurocharts issue 33
 Scene Awards, needed or not?                Retro issue 3
 Endzeit; Artwork's Legacy (And more..)      Retro issue 3
 Scoopex worked it's way up again            Retro issue 3
 Spreading is a huge problem nowdays!        Retro issue 3
 TRSI - Subgroups Ahead!                     Seenpoint issue 8
 Who is (Robo) Mop ?                         Seenpoint issue 8
 Symposium and Mekka Results Article         Seenpoint issue 8
 Symposium and Mekka Party Report            Spreaded on the irc
 Qba, Poland's scene gem                     Retro issue 2        1997
 In Focus: Wolfman & Mount                   Retro issue 2
 DEMOS: Processor speed wins from quality ?  Eurocharts issue 32
 Column: Magic of Nah-kolor                  Eurocharts issue 32
 Foundations of the Amiga Scene              Seenpoint issue 7
 Nah-kolor: Respect!                       * Seenpoint issue 7
 Who is Infant ?                             Seenpoint issue 7
 Dreamer's Ironic Point Of View              Seenpoint issue 7
 Nah-kolor's HIStory                         Retro issue 1
 Lemon. is back for a vengeance              Generation issue 25
 The Scene Lacks Talents!                    Generation issue 25
 Sentimental, The Essay                      Generation issue 25
 Serial Thrilla                            * Showtime issue 6
 Who is Facet ?                              Seenpoint issue 6
 TBL is falling apart..                      Seenpoint issue 6
 We want ROM !                             * Seenpoint issue 6
 The Scene Symbols                           ROM issue 9
 About RAW                                   Seenpoint issue 5
 Everlasting mOments                       * Seenpoint issue 5
 In The Shadow Of Heatbeat                   ROM issue 7           1996
 Assembly 1996 Report                      * ROM issue 7
 The Party 5 Report                        * Seenpoint issue 3
 Let's go insane with ECS again !          * ROM issue 6
 Abnominio 11 - The Miracle                  Generation issue 22
 In Focus: Fishwave                          Generation issue 22
 Nah-kolor vs TRSI                           Generation issue 22
 Andromeda, back for a last vengeance ?      Showtime issue 4
 Heatbeat's last words                       Showtime issue 4
 Probe and his Virtual Dreams                Showtime issue 4
 Germany, old sceners country ?              Showtime issue 4
 Column: Magic of Nah-kolor                  Showtime issue 4
 Dreaming about Dreamer                      Showtime issue 4
 Raytracing, the new art.                    Showtime issue 4
 Column: Magic of Nah-kolor                  Showtime issue 3
 The Finnish Summerlove                      RAW issue 10 (Online)
 Portrait: Cybersonik of Alcatraz            RAW issue 10 (Online)
 Party Orginizers Join Forces                RAW issue 10 (Online)
 The King Among Fish                         No Sense issue 2
 TRSI & Complex cooperate on diskmag         No Sense issue 2
 Grapevine on it's way back                  No Sense issue 2
 The Circle Of Life                          Showtime issue 1
 Interview with Dope/Spb                     The Jungle issue 8    1995
 Do You See The Point ?                      The Jungle issue 8
 Magical Moments Corner                      Buzz issue 8
 In Focus: Mount of Polka Brothers           RAW issue 9
 Eurocharts in problems                    * RAW issue 9
 Where is your Childhood ?                   RAW issue 9
 IntelOutside 1994 Report                    Chit Chat issue 14
 Movement, time to move on                   Chit Chat issue 15
 Interview with Lizard/Spb                   Chit Chat issue 15
 Spaceballs in focus                         Thing issue 15.5      1994
 The Gathering 1994 Report                   Thing issue 15.5
 Interview with Fashion & Pride              Thing issue 7
 Lemon. died at The Party 3                  Thing issue 7
 Somewhere In Holland 1993 Report            Upstream issue 7      1993
 Legend Holland Is Ok Party Report           Magbox issue 5


I cooperated on certain articles together with some of the TOP writers in the Amiga scene: Mop, RokDaZone, Fishwave, Blitter, Mount, Astro, Sixpack and Sane. The ones I remember are marked with * sign.. I am sure there are more articles which I did together with another writer but my mEmory isn't that good these days. :)

In 1992 I wrote for a DUTCH only magazine called 'Jong, Snel & Wild', in 1993 I also started to write for ENGLISH magazines.. I was also the first Editor in the AMIGA scene to release a 100% AGA diskmagazine.. This was Chit Chat issue 15 (!) (Aga code by Protec/Mirage Aga lay-out painted by Danny, also several AGA cliparts)

Well... That's about it... Thanx to Blaze of Nah-kolor for spreading this text file on his SPEED packmag disks! Thanx to Amiflash of Nah-kolor for putting this article on the Nah-kolor homepage. Last but not least thanx to Case of Nah-kolor for spreading it on various BBS's. Thanx pals!!

- Magic/Nah-kolor (Amiga)