Forum - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

This section is the merge of the sections "Cover", "Talk", and "Miscellaneous" in Hugi #11. Basically, this is the main part of this diskmag, related to the scene in general. Here people can present their opinions about scene-related topics of their choice. Discussions are supposed to be lead in this sections as well as small essays. Longer information to lastest happenings and projects than in the news and reviews about various scene stuff also belong here.

This section is one of the largest sections in Hugi, shall remain that and even grow more.

In this issue, apart from many interesting essays about the state, development, and future of the scene, you will find some music-related articles by Makke of Comic Pirates. Furthermore, you will learn about the two organizations "ARF!Studios" and "The Utopians", both having the aim to create a friendly demoscene, Dan Wright's "Guide to Demo/Music Scene related CDs", some nice humour and a LOT more.

I am very content with the Forum section in this issue. So, start reading now!

- adok^hugi