Dedicated to Danny Geurtsen!

Written by Magic


He already decited. Nothing could stop him or change his mind. Though he never dominated the scene in quantity, his quality brought him to the top!

Danny Geurtsen; 1991 - 1997 R.I.P.

Nothing lasts forever, yet some VIS (Very Important Sceners) will speak to the imagination of scener's minds for a long time after they are gone. The new scene year 1998 was only a few days young when allstar graphician Danny decided to quit the Amiga and PC scene and give himself entirely to his employer.

In the end EIDOS got him entirely..

"I am only painting for EIDOS now, and enriching my port-folio" Danny comments. On the question if we could expect a comeback in the future in e.g. a new TBL demo we also got a negative response. Danny: "In fact I am not in any group anymore." Sad but true. The truth always hurts. Yet Danny has a huge and succesfull scene carreer to look back at, which also was a nice school for his current occupation.

Group and Picture Chronology

Mirage (More or less), Anarachy, Lemon, Spaceballs, Nah-kolor and TBL had the privelidge to make use of Danny's qualities in productions and to put his name in their memberlist. "And now EIDOS," Danny ironicly comments. Having spend almost his entire life in Holland, he currently lives in the UK where he had his share in the Tomb Raider II PC game at the Software firm he is working for. Yet Danny will every now and than hit the #pixel channel at the IRC for the time being.

As I am Dutch myself, I got aquented with Danny at some stage aswell. Meeting him vaguely at The Prime 1992 party, where also his slideshow Forgotten got released, I got to know him better at The Legend Holland is OK party in January 1993 and at The Party 1993. Where I even painted one pixel to his 6th place winning picture. :) But asking about his two favorite moments in his scene carreer Danny spontanously answered: "Winning at The Party 1995 with my 'Space Tits' picture and winning The Gathering 1997 with my cooperation picture together with Louie, called Angelic Particles."

Other work from Danny besides the above mentioned pieces is his title picture for Propaganda issue 4 and his various title pictures for the Dutch Amiga magazine Chit Chat and his lovely AGA lay-out for the last two issues 14 and 15 where I was main editor from. Also his work in TBL's demo TINT should not be forgotten, and his handdrawn picture of a woman with a stumich like an orange. For which he got a very high grade when Danny still was studying art. This specific picture was later scanned and spread. Last but not least Danny's work in the music disk Moments is worth to check out.

Another One Bites The Dust.. (Unfortunately)

Writing a goodbye article about an ex-group mate, someone I had the pleasure of knowing and even swapping with in the past isn't an easy task. More questions obviously came to my mind like we see all the time in a goodbye article, yet this time I wanted to give it a different approach. I think I succeeded. Yet I sincerely hope this will be my last goodbye article for a long time! Or perhaps the time has come for me to say goodbye aswell? "Naaaaaaaaaah... Don't think so! Yet that is :)" Anyway this one was for you Danny boy. Speak (or as sceners would say it) chat to you soon at #pixel on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC)!

- Magic/Nah-kolor (Amiga)