Atmosphere and Moods

Written by Adok

It's half nine o'clock p.m. Actually not that late in the evening, but it appears to be so. The sky is extraordinarily dark for the summer, but it doesn't rain, I can see no clouds. This darkness creates an interesting atmosphere in my computer room with the big window to my left, the open door to my right and as the only shining thing my PC's screen in front of me. This is the time when I'm most creative. This is the time when I usually start writing articles. This is the time when I can connect my thoughts and feelings to my typing hands best. This is the time when I don't have to concentrate myself on any other thing than my PC. This is also the time when I can chat easily with my friends on IRC, where I can express my thoughts best and have no fear of saying something silly. This is the time when I can sit back into my chair and read diskmags without any end. This is the truly time of my PC activity.

Atmosphere is really an important matter when you create any piece of art, a diskmag, a demo, or whatever. During the day you are more or less awake and the sunshine and the warm temperature distracts you from working on the PC especially in the summer. During the evening and the night you are already a bit tired, but everything you have to concentrate on is your PC, and you can type and write without being distracted by anything in the silence.

I use the nights for starting to write articles, for having my true writing spirit come out, for expressing my thought and feelings and whatever comes to my mind. On the days I read through my articles again and I correct things and try to make hard-to-understand passages more logical. That is the best way for me to make the best of the current atmosphere.

Maybe this is different by you, maybe you are better motivated during the days. That varies from man to man. Some people like working on the days better, some on the nights. Everone has to find it's own way to make the best of the current atmosphere.

Some people can write anywhere they want. I cannot. At least not in the same way as I write at home. I tried to write one or two articles at school in our informatics lessons when Hugi #11 was almost finished and I had to finish my last texts. Well, I started and I wrote an article, but when I got home I re-read the whole, corrected and added several passages, so that in the end it turned out to be a different article.

I wonder what it is like to write on a scene party, with all that music around you and the people staring at you while you write. It's also a completely different experience, and if you haven't done that, you cannot tell whether it's a good thing to do or not.

The current emotions can have a high influence on what you write. That also applies to technical, objective issues, like coding articles. Believe me. I avoid writing articles when I'm in the wrong mood. I might have the right mood for doing something else then.

Anyway, I am in the mood to write now, and I should make use of this mood.

- adok^hugi