Hidden Parts in Diskmags

Written by Adok

Like Phoenix/Hornet maintains "The Quasi-Official List of Demo Hidden Parts, Keys, and Tricks", I want to make you happy with a little list of hidden parts in diskmags. This list is pretty small because hidden parts aren't very common in PC diskmags, and it's the first list of its kind on the PC so that I couldn't simply rip-off the hidden part descriptions from another list like some other diskmags' main editors would have done. ;)

If you know a hidden part in any diskmag, just contact me (hugi@netway.at) and you will be credited in the next version of this hidden part list. Thanks in advance.

Credits for this first version go to:

- Mr.Dsteuz/Proxium for the X-Ray #0 hidden part
- Noizz/Dragon for the Dragon #2, #3 hidden parts
- Phoenix/Hornet for the Imphobia #11 hidden part
- Programmer/UniVerse for the Armor of Gods #4 hidden part

The hidden parts in these mags are still searched for:

- Bad News #4 (even Unreal and Camel don't know anymore where it is)
- CFX News #32 (if you place a file called BSP.??? into the directory, the list of hidden parts is displayed; however, you have to find out what ??? stands for yourself)

Armor of Gods #4 (1998, Russian)

Simply start armor#4.exe with the parameter -wojtek. A birthday greeting dedicated to Unreal/Pulse will appear. This is Programmer's response to the -programmer key in the Pulse-demo Sunflower.

Cream #1 (1996, German)

Go to "Seite 6", "Internes" and select "...". Now you get to a little Tic Tac Toe game. You can also find this game in Cream #2 in the games section.

Dragon #2 (1997, Polish)

Select "fading" from the Setup menu for the case that you have changed it ("fading" is default). Go to the "scena" section and select the last article, "sorry agi". Scroll to the right once, then scroll to the left once. Wait some moments, and you will get into a Raptor-like shooting game called "Craptor" in Win95-look.

Dragon #3 (1998, Polish)

Select "Polska scena" and click on the eye icon on the top right screen edge. The hidden part is called "Shoot the asswipe". You can shoot at pictures of Bill Gates in a shooting gallery.

HotMag #3 (1994, German)

Click on the hyphen on the HotMag-Logo at the top of the main menu. You will get to a secret part which shows some shadebobs and displays the text "Zehn kleine Nazischweine" ("Ten little nazi pigs"), a parody to the song "Zehn kleine Negerlein".

Hugi #7, #8 (1997, German)

It's not a secret part but a secret key: With "C" you can change the background color of the text windows from black to red, green and blue. Strange that nobody has found this hidden key yet! :)

Imphobia #11 (1995, English)

Phoenix' Demo-Hidden-Part-List says that with the key "F5" an XMas-chiptune gets played. Probably this applies for GUS. On my PC (Soundblaster) I can play this chiptune by pressing "F3".

M*A*R*S #1 (1998, German)

Go to the directory ARTIKEL\EDITORIA and view intro.txt. That's a hidden article in which Main Editor Cityhunter/Cyberdream gives you a piece of his mind about Hugi and the other German diskmags. This article was actually intended to be the editorial of M*A*R*S #1, but as Muffin had refused to put it in the mag City Hunter wrote a more peaceful editorial. However, he forgot to delete the original editorial from the M*A*R*S archive. Well, this original editorial is the best article in M*A*R*S #1 anyway because you can amuse yourself about how little the M*A*R*S staff knows about the scene and how easy City Hunter thinks it is to establish a diskmag.

Suicide #1-#3 (1994, German)

In the main menu, click on the pixel in the center of the screen. This will lead you to a picture with some contorted faces of the Suicide diskmag staff. Unfortunately, this picture fades out after a few moments, so you have to click on the central pixel again.

X-Ray #0 (1998, Russian)

Moving the mouse to the upper right of the screen activates a screen saver. This screen saver is a documented feature. The hidden part is very easy to find once you know how to get to this screen daver: Simply move the mouse into the lower left screen corner and click with the left mouse button. You will get to a plasma-like screen with a blurring text (greetings) on it.

- adok^hugi