Diskmags - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

As you certainly have noticed, Hugi pays quite a lot attention to the topic diskmags. The reason for this is that one of our greatest aims is to make the demo diskmag scene kicking again. In order to reach that aim, first the term diskmag in general and the existing diskmags have to gain more popularity in the scene.

This section mostly contains reviews of the most interesting recent international diskmags. You might find it strange that a diskmag reviews other diskmags. Don't take it the wrong way - we don't want to rebuke the other mags and present Hugi in a better light than it is. On the contrary, we are actually making propaganda for the other mags. The purpose of this section is to give you an overview of the current situation and the latest happenings in the international diskmag scene.

In Armor of Gods #4, an article by me was published. In the main menu, Programmer called it "E-Mag Creation FAQ". What? An E-Mag Creation FAQ? In reality, this was just my mags.faq you know from previous Hugi issues that introduces the term "diskmag" to scene newbies. So the title "E-Mag Creation FAQ" is misplaced because it mostly deals with reading and supporting the magazines.

However, I got inspired by that title and decided to write some articles that could be especially interesting to people that are involved in making a mag or want to create a mag of themselves. You can find some in this Hugi issue.

Last but not least, this issue contains a HUGE report about the German diskmag scene. It gives you people from all over the world a detailed description about the development of the German diskmag scene and the single mags. Check it out!

And happy reading!

- adok^hugi