Coding - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

The Coding section deals with coding - what else. Its suppose is mainly to help rookies on learning coding and to extend the knowledge of advanced coders. Descriptions of basics, programming techniques, effects, and hints belong here.

In this issue you will find four articles about compression techniques and algorithms. Picard describes how he won Hugi Size Coding Compo #2, red 13 explains the LZP algorithm, DAVE talks about Image Compression, and in a supplemental article to tmbinc's article about developing devices for the OpenCP player, you get technical information about the ACE v1.2 archiver.

Furthermore, we have some articles about the basics of 3D graphics, optimizing 3D graphics, Rotozoomer, anti-aliasing, and also beginner articles about how to manipulate the BIOS font and how to do 2D Animations.


- adok^hugi