The Goal of Man

In my opinion, the purpose of life is simply to stay alive as long as possible. One of the big tasks of science, therefore, is to find ways to increase people's lifespans, and possibly make them live for ever.

The goal of any powerful human organization, be it a state or a large company, should be to encourage and support the advancement of science. For scientific progress, we need a lot of highly intelligent people, as they are more likely to have good ideas and the abilities to implement them than "average" persons. For this reason, human organizations should see to it that the intelligence and wisdom of people get increased as much as possible, and that intelligent people can easily get into positions where they can live up to their potentials.

Human intelligence will be a necessity for scientific advancement as long as the technological singularity has not been reached. The technological singularity is the moment at which machines will have garnered enough artificial intelligence to improve their own intelligence and make science and technology advance automatically.

Therefore, the key technologies of the future are:

Claus D. Volko (January 2011; revised: June 2018)