Claus D. Volko

My Story in a Nutshell


I am a person who enjoys playing around with and programming computers. I have been doing so since elementary school age. In addition, I have obtained a medical degree. Together with Dr. Uwe Rohr I authored a couple of publications on endocrinology, immunology, oncology, and psychiatry.

I was born in Vienna, Austria, Europe in the year 1983. As a child of primary school age I was mainly interested in computer games. I started reading computer magazines early too. When I was ten years old, I started writing for magazines of this kind available on the market. At the age of twelve, I became the editor of my own electronic magazine Hugi; it took me almost all my free time to work on it until I graduated from high school. I was using the nickname "Adok" for this activity; many on the Internet know me by this nickname.

I have been working in the software industry since 2014. As a developer, I specialize in algorithm design, code optimization and creative problem solving. My primary programming language of choice is C#.

My Jungian personality type is INTP. According to my own personality theory (Volko Personality Patterns) my dominant pattern is Creative Theorist, followed by the Philosopher and Professor patterns.

Major Projects

Claus D. Volko (Adok/Hugi)